6-28-05 – Mia & babies.

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I had a busy morning today. I got up when Fred left for work – 6:45 – so I could do some laundry, take a shower, get dressed, and wrangle three of the boy kittens. Today’s neutering day for three of the boys, and I couldn’t decide which boys to take, so I cleaned out the litter box and looked them all over, and then finally decided to just grab the three closest boys and toss them in the carrier. I ended up with Snoopy, Edgar, and Oy. Once that was done, I had to make the half-hour trip to the vet. I was dreading the drive, because little kittens have surprisingly loud meows when they’re scared, but except for a few sad little “Why do you hate me?” meows from Oy, they were pretty quiet.

At one point I stupidly stuck my finger in the carrier so they could feel… I don’t know, comforted? Which sounds stupid when I really think about it, ’cause why exactly would a finger comfort them? “Oh, look a finger! I feel so relaxed and unfrightened now…” Anyway, one of them decided that a good reaction to the finger would be to sink a claw into the end of the finger – you know, where all the NERVES are – and I ended up driving down a country road screaming loudly while the man in the truck behind me probably wondered whether I’d been drinking.

I dropped the kittens off at the vet and drove back to Madison for a 9:00 hair appointment. I was about ten minutes late, because I’d made the vet appointment without realizing I had a hair appointment, and the vet appointment was at 8:30, which didn’t give me a lot of time to get to the hair place. I did call and leave a message that I’d be a little late, so all was okay.

I’m home now. Waiting for the vet’s office to call and tell me I can pick up the kittens. After I pick them up, I have to run them over to the shelter so they can get their vaccinations.

So yeah, it’s been a busy day for me. I’m not complaining, though – I like the occasional busy day.

The vet’s office just called. Oy, Edgar, and Snoopy are just fine, and I can pick them up in a few hours. Poor babies, they’re going to need a lot of snuggling tonight, I bet.

Flossie in front of the window.

Fightin’ kitties.

When I see pictures like this, I realize just how much the kittens have grown.

Snoopy, trying to nurse. He was unsuccessful.

I’ve become just a piece of furniture to these kittens. Here, we see Peanut and Flossie sitting on my shoulder and fighting with each other.

Snoopy on my shoulder.

Peanut and his toes.

Is she yawning… or is she screaming?

“Momma, your feet stink.”

The Floss-monster shows that ball just who the boss is around here.


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