6-29-05 – Mia & babies.

Snoopy, Edgar, and Oy are home and just fine. They were very indignant when I first picked them up from the vet’s, and they kept sticking their paws out of the carrier and meowing at me. They’d just started to settle down when I got to the shelter, and then they milled around in the carrier for a few minutes, ’til I actually walked through the door, and then they quieted right down, because there was a big slobbery dog there, and other cats, and they were so freaked out that they all ran to the other end of the carrier and huddled up together, and stared out at the dog and the other cats with big dark eyes.

They were indignant again when I took them out, one by one, to have their vaccine shot, and when I took them back to the car they took turns meowing at me, telling me what an awful woman I am, but about five minutes after we left the shelter they were snuggled up in a pile, sound asleep.

I expected them to be kind of loopy and out of it when we got home, but as soon as I opened the carrier, they all came bounding out, and ran around like their little butts were on fire.

It’s going to be fun (NOT) taking Mia, Flossie and Peanut to the vet tomorrow, because Mia and Flossie are both pretty vocal, and I expect that by the time I get to the vet’s office, I’m going to want to poke a stick through my eardrums.

Then it’s just a matter of waiting for room to open up at the pet store… and is it wrong that I hope it takes a looooong time for that to happen?

Yoga kitty.

“I wike to put my tongue over to the side, like this. It makes me wook cool.”

Peanut, who cannot keep his tongue in his mouth.

Flossie, bathing.

Which is cuter, the toes, or the little pink nose? I can’t decide.

Love that Flossie.

Oy, posing.

Edgar (I’ve taken to calling him “Egg” all the time, now), with Mia in the background.

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