The foster babies are doing well. I think we’ve got them about as socialized as they’re going to get. Spanky’s at the point where he’ll sometimes let you pet him (though you have a better chance if there are kitty snacks involved) and Tina Louise is a lurve slut. If Maryanne and Gilligan are cornered they’ll let you pet them (or if they’re eating a snack, they’ll let you pet them), but otherwise they’ll skitter off if they sense you’re trying to touch them.

I suspect they’ll be trying to find homes in the next few weeks; I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone who’s willing to devote a lot of time and love to Maryanne and Gilligan adopts them, but I’ll admit that I’m worried.

“It is time for the snugglez. Go away.”

“Tastes like chicken!”

“So, I says to her, I says ‘Look. You want to pet me. I don’t want you to pet me. Your love burns my soul. BUT the burning of my soul can be assauged by tasty kitty treats. I will let you pet me while there are treats in front of me. I won’t ENJOY the petting and I will NEVER purr for you, but if there are treats, there is petting. No treats, no petting. You unnerstan’?’, and what does she do? She goes out and buys three big containers of treats. She is a complete and utter sucker. But the treats are good, so who’s complaining?”


2006: No entry.
2005: “Momma, your feet stink.”

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