This section is going to be a bit gross – if you’re eating or have a weak stomach, you might want to skip it.

I was in the kitten room yesterday afternoon, snuggling with Tina Louise, when I saw little Spanky get into the litter box. Since I’d just cleaned out the litter box, and there’s nothing these kittens love MORE than a clean litter box, it was par for the course. Spanky hunkered down, and a moment later I heard the distinct sounds of a kitten having diarrhea.

From across the room, Maryanne heard the same noises, and went to investigate. She climbed into the litterbox with Spanky, sniffed around, sniffed some more, and then did a little scratching around in the litter.

When she came out of the litter box a few minutes later, she had splatters of poo across her face and the top of her head.

When she came out of the litter box, Spanky took the opportunity to tromp through the pile of poo, and so I had to ask Fred to come up and hold he and Maryanne while I scrubbed the poo off them with baby wipes.


Sweet little pink kitty toes.

* * *

Tommy and the Sexy Eyes. Man, I wish that collar was a lot smaller – it detracts from the beauty that is The Toms.

Spanky’s eyes totally match the wall color. (No, we did not plan it that way – but only because we didn’t think of it!)


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