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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2012-06-28 (22)
A few weeks ago, Fred was digging near the wood shed, and found this bottle. It’s a little salt shaker! Unfortunately, the lid was almost completely corroded, but how neat, right? I wonder how long it had been buried there.

2012-06-28 (23)
Little chick, enjoying the rays.

2012-06-28 (1)
One of the grape vines on the back yard fence has produced two little bunches of grapes.

2012-06-28 (2)
When it gets hot – and it’s going to get REALLY hot here for the next few days – George likes to hang out under the chicken coop.

2012-06-28 (3)
The pond, currently. Yeah, it’s green. We need an aerator. But the catfish don’t seem to mind.

2012-06-28 (4)
The ducks, all four together, as usual.

2012-06-28 (5)
We gave up and went, as Fred termed it, “full redneck.” That’s one of those relatively inexpensive pools, and it’s realllllly nice. The good thing about small pools is also the bad thing about small pools: they warm up quickly. It’s practically like a sauna in there these last few days. Luckily, when there’s a breeze it’s pretty pleasant. (And please note, I am not 4 feet tall. I was sitting on a foam noodle, floating.)

2012-06-28 (7)
When Fred and I go out to the back forty together, George and Gracie get SUPER! OVER! EXCITED! and we have to make them sit down and get calm. Here, George is barely restraining himself, and Gracie’s like “I knowwwww. We’re nauuuuuuuughty. ::sigh::”

2012-06-28 (8)

2012-06-28 (9)
“I’m the good pup, right, Dad? Aren’t I the good pup?” SUCH a good pup (okay, they both are.)

2012-06-28 (12)

2012-06-28 (11)
I think these chicks are particularly pretty.

2012-06-28 (13)
Fred told me that this is a Katydid.

2012-06-28 (14)

2012-06-28 (15)
Angry Muppet and one of her babies.

2012-06-28 (16)
Honestly, this Silkie is the best mama hen we’ve got. Most of the other hens are pretty good, but the Silkie wins Mother of the Year every time. This is my favorite Silkie-and-babies picture, from 2009:

2009-04-28 (`7)

2012-06-28 (17)
The Jalapenos are happy this year.

2012-06-28 (18)
So are the Banana Peppers. I’ve already made a batch of Hot Pepper Butter. Which is a misnomer, really, there’s nothing hot about Banana Peppers. I’m a wimp when it comes to spicy stuff, and they’re not hot to me. The Pepper Butter is good on burgers and sandwiches – and I’m usually not a fan of any kind of pepper.

2012-06-28 (19)
Pattypan squash. It’s a good thing that I have a freezer full of squash, because the squash bugs are starting to take over. We squoosh the eggs when we see them, but there are an awful lot of plants out there.

2012-06-28 (20)
Busy bee.

2012-06-28 (21)
Sungold tomatoes are our absolute favorite cherry tomato. We grow them every year and eat them like candy. SO good.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

2012-06-28 (24)
Miss Fianna is thinking judgmental thoughts about you.

2012-06-28 (25)
Cap’n Floof, eye on the toy.

2012-06-28 (26)
That cat bed was ON the bed, and then the kittens knocked it onto the floor and it slid part way under the bed, and it’s become one of the Stompmonster’s favorite places to sleep.

2012-06-28 (29)

2012-06-28 (30)
“Dis my OTHER favorite place to sleep. A man’s gotta have options.”

2012-06-28 (27)
I’ve said it before, but let me point it out again: General Grumpy’s got the LONGEST “fingers” I’ve ever seen on a cat.

2012-06-28 (31)
Kennebec in the sun, and Agata in the cave.

2012-06-28 (32)
Pretty girl.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

2012-06-28 (34)
Wellington. Don’t you just want to boop that belly?

2012-06-28 (35)
Caspian keeping an eye on the feather teaser.

2012-06-28 (36)
Wellington, doing the same.

2012-06-28 (37)

2012-06-28 (38)
Snack time for the ‘Maters. We’ve got Mr. Stripey at noon, Wellington at 1:00, Caspian at 6:00, Dingwall Scotty at 7ish, and Sungold at 10:00. (I should have used the blue dish since they’re all boys, but the ‘Maters are secure in their masculinity. For a few more weeks, at least, bwahaha.)

2012-06-28 (40)
I swear to you, I just cleaned those mirrors two days ago.

2012-06-28 (42)
Camera strap: best toy EVER.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

2012-06-28 (43)
Joe Bob and Newt, having a confab in the back yard. Which is unusual, as they generally don’t care for each other. Maybe they’re mellowing. Or too hot to fight (which is more likely).


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6-28-12 — 66 Comments

  1. I am guessing that you all just finished brushing out George and Gracie before taking their pictures. Fur everywhere!!!

    That 2009 of the Silkie mom is just precious!

    • Yeah, they’d just gotten brushed. We just leave the fur sitting there so that any songbirds who want to use it to make a nest can do so. But to use all that fur, we’d need about 100,000 nest builders, I think!

  2. On the 26th, Wellington had the yellow collar… then Yesterday, Wellington is captioned as the one in the blue collar…. today it’s back to yellow? Either way, I love both of the twins (I am partial to little black boy cats, I have one myself, and of course there is the handsome Tom Cullen too!)

    • I think Robyn is losing it due to all the cute that surrounds her. She is also getting her left and right mixed up. I think I would be a little light headed after huffing on all those kittens, too! 🙂

      • It’s been kind of a lousy day. I’ve been revisiting this page again and again for a little virtual kitten huffing.

    • And if we’re going clockwise around the plate, Dingwall Scotty is at 7-ish instead of 5-ish? But I’m going to cut Robyn a bit of slack. She does have in the neighborhood of two dozen cats in the house, half of them kittens. Kitten huffing would have that effect on me too. Besides, if we keep correcting her the kitten pictures might dry up and then what would we do???? 😉

        • My younger daughter, who is in a gifted program at school and entering 6th grade in the fall, decided years ago that it wasn’t worth the effort to tell time on an analog clock. I’m still not sure she can.

          • Until I was close to middle-school age, I thought that “quarter past” the hour was 25 minutes past the hour because that STUPID Ramona Quimby thought the same, and that she was late to school because of it (and therefore was wrong) went right over my head.

      • Ha ha ha…Ramona the Pest! I haven’t thought about those books in years!

        And boooo, Baby Stompers eyes are changing… 🙁

  3. The two chicks walking look like they’re going:

    First Chick: What ho! Brilliant day to sally forth, I think.
    Second Chick: I DO believe you are correct, sir.

    I love Crooked Acres Thursday posts the best because they have EVERYTHING.

  4. I cannot help myself. When I read about the Angry Muppet and her babies, I hear the theme to that cartoon in my head. Remember “Muppet Babies”?? I’m pretty sure I was too old for cartoons by then, so I’m just going to go with “babysitting”. I was babysitting whenever they were on. 😉

    I have nothing else coherent to say. Just… “Oooooooooooh, look at the cute wittle bayyyyyyybiessssssssssssssssssssss!” Hearing noises that there just might be teeny tinys on their way to my house soon. My brain cells are already high in anticipation.

    • Kelly, I’ve gone to your site everyday, but when I try to comment I can’t figure out all those options. Can’t you make it simpler, like Robyn’s? Love the story today about Norman’s nap.

      • I have been so confused when people tell me they haven’t been able to comment, but I just went and checked it out as a guest and *think* I may have figured out the bug. I changed a couple settings and it should work for you now (the comment section should work exactly as it does at Itty Bitty Kitty Committee… there’s a choice of “Name” in the drop down menu now that was missing until just now). Thank you for trying and please keep coming back. If you have any more problems, feel free to e-mail me at teenytinytabbie (at) gmail (dot) com and I will work on it some more.

  5. that salt shaker is adorable! I too can’t help but wonder how old it is..

    POOL!! you rednecks you.. (why is having an inflatable pool a redneck thing?? cause we have them up here all over the place and maniacs aren’t known for being rednecks..)

    George and Gracie esploded!!!

    mmm.. pepper butter..

    Miss Fianna, I hope they weren’t bad judgmental thoughts..

    Stompers McStomperson SLAYS ME DEAD!! those little baby teeth, that little mancat attitude.. Man I’ve never wished for a kitten to stay a kitten so hard in all my life!

    Yea! The mirrors are back.

    • I have zero clue why having an inflatable pool is “redneck”, but that’s what Fred keeps insisting. He’s kind of a snob, which is funny considering the holes in the t-shirt he was wearing around the house yesterday! 🙂

      • I am deeply envious of your pool. It was 102 here yesterday, supposed to be in the 90-100 range for the next TEN DAYS which is completely insane because this is June in Ohio. I should get a pool. And keep it filled with ice water while I pray for the heat to break.

  6. Does Baby Stompers get a snack?

    Yeah, I had to get rid of my glass-covered coffee table because I was sick to death of cleaning cat snot from underneath the table. Every day…

    • Baby Stompers DEFINITELY gets a snack. In fact, he and his foster siblings get TWO snacks every day (one in the morning, one in the evening), and Baby Stompers is the one who’s figured out the time schedule. If we walk past the guest bedroom after 4 pm, he starts howwwwwwwwwwwling.

      • Norman keeps trying to cheat and move dinner time up by an hour or two in the afternoon. He might need the extra snack, but the fat boys do not. I’m going to have to start feeding him in the bathroom again.

  7. PIGGIES! Oh how I’ve missed the pigs. The kitties and others are my morning coffee, but the pigs are the creamer.

  8. I dunno, looks to me like Miss Fianna is trying to decide if she should share something…confidential. She knows something that you don’t know!!

  9. My parents live in a house that was built in 1900, and my nephew (now age 11) went through a treasure-hunting phase a couple of years ago. He dug up all kinds of nifty antique bottles on their property, which leads me to wonder: did people in years gone by have a habit of burying bottles? He gave a couple to my husband and myself. One’s a gorgeous cobalt blue, and the other is a very pretty clouded iridescent green that reminds me of ancient Roman glass.

    George and Gracie always make me smile. Happy pups.

    General Grumpy is shaping up to be a lanky fella.

    Whoever’s wearing the yellow collar: I want to do more than boop the belly. I want to kiss it and make zerberts on it.

    • A friend gave me that a couple of years ago. She got it several years ago at Costco and I haven’t been able to find another one since! I mean, not that I really need another one, I guess, but I was looking anyway. 🙂

  10. That lone chick in the field makes me nervous. Perfect hawk/eagle meal. I’m also getting confused by the collar changes. Do they switch up just to confuse you and create alibis?

    And Robyn, it’s not full-redneck untill you put a liner in the bed of your pick-up truck and use that as a soaking pool.

    • I seriously suggested that bed liner/ pool idea to Fred. 🙂

      I messed up in yesterday’s post – Wellington’s collar is yellow, Caspian’s is blue!

  11. What? Banana peppers are not very hot? I thought they were very hot, I must have looked like a wimp when I asked for that pulled pork sandwich WITHOUT banana peppers…

    What happened to Cap’n Floof before you took that picture where he has his eyes on a ball? He looks like he fell in a pond.

    Is Stomper’s fur soft? It doesn’t look very soft contrary to Cap’n Floof’s fur… He is the cutest thing ever so it doesn’t matter, but I love a soft kitty.

    • I have to admit that I’ve never bitten into a banana pepper, but I’m assured that they’re not hot at all, and the pepper butter I made doesn’t have the slightest bit of heat.

      Cap’n Floof had been napping. He needed a good brushing!

      Stomper’s fur is more silky – Cap’n Floof’s fur is soft like cotton balls.

  12. I have a pattypan squash in my fridge that I bought because it looked like a space ship (yes, I am an adult, and no, I don’t want to act like one hehehe)
    What’s the best way to cook it?

    Also, if the Stompmonster and Agata were playing together in the video this week, who was purring so loudly as it was recording?

  13. We’re fostering two kittens while they gain weight to get fixed. I thought of you instantly! I told my husband we needed chickens and we’d be set. He didn’t know what I was talking about. Kittens are surprisingly loud.

  14. Okay, I know it’s hard to let any of the fosters go ever, but I LOVE STOMPERS SO MUCH and I want him to live with you forever. If I could handle another cat and wasn’t many states away, I’d be tempted to get him myself.

  15. “Stompers McStomperson” every time I see that I follow it up like this:

    Stompers McStomperson from Stomperville, Indiana

    All my nicknames are from Indiana for some reason. Payton, my 12yo boy, is often call Cheater McCheaterson from Cheatersville, Indana. Liar O’Liary from Liarsville, Indiana. Stinky Stinkerson from Stinkerville, Indiana.

    It’s a sickness really.

    • LOL, we just watched “The Music Man” last night, so now of course I’m thinking “Gary Indiana, Gary Indiana.”

      I love the names we come up with for our pets that aren’t really their names. I polled my friends in a newsgroup about same several years ago, and then the subject turned to songs we sing to our beasties, and one group member admitted that she had a song she sang when cleaning out the litter box.

      To the tune of “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” she would sing,

      “Itty bitty kitty turds, kitty turds, kitty turds…”

  16. LOVE the kittehs and farm pics! I think if you were swimming in the mud-hole Fred calls a pond, that would be decidedly redneck…. lol

    Just reminding everybody it’s about to be REALLY hot and dry for the next week so remember to give extra water/shade to the outdoor animals!

    Our neighbor’s cats have been roaming into my yard, which I hate, but I’m still going to leave water for them under the deck since he’s not… I guess this means a stop by the library over the weekend to check on the library cats (there’s at least 6-8 that they feed) and then probably a 45-min drive to check on the cat by my husband’s office (Tamisha)…..

    • Ugh. It will be 101 to 104 here the next couple of days and the kittens’ room gets horribly hot (my HVAC just doesn’t cool the 2nd floor of this 100 year old house well at all) so this may be where I finally let them have free roam of the downstairs while I’m at work…eek!!

  17. A couple more observations:

    The tiny, tiny teeth in the picture of Baby Stompers in the pink bed are KILLING ME.

    General Grumpy looks like a feline version of my husband as a teenager: all long legs, big ears, high cheekbones, and red hair. 🙂

      • Heh, then I would have to explain the joke and why I think a kitten resembles him. He already takes a good deal of my cat-craziness in stride. 🙂

  18. There are rednecks here at the Jersey Shore because I’ve seen those pools here too. I’d take one because it’s probably the only one I’d ever get. Husband is not a swimming fan damn it! We do have friends nearby with a big in ground pool but I’d still love my own!

    That salt shaker is cool. The only thing they found here when we were building were a lot of railroad spikes. A train used to run through our property long ago.

  19. At first glance of you in the redneck pool, I thought for sure you were wearing a pair of blue swimmies on your arms. tee-hee! Those pools are all over the suburbs of Cincinnati, too. No shame in a little redneck fun…I’m sure Boyd Crowder would approve! 😉