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Only problem at a cat show is that they don’t let you pet the kitties!

There’ll actually be Challenger’s House cats available for adoption at the TICA cat show, so you might not be able to pet the cats who are competing, but there’ll be cats you can pet!


I went and read through the permanent residents because I can never remember dates of birth, and realised many of your permanent residents are born in 2005/2006…and of course, the rest are even younger!

I think cats live to 14-15 years? that means they all are only in their prime years, make them all catch a few more mice/bunnies for rent, won’t you? πŸ˜‰

This is the list of our permanent residents and their ages (for anyone who doesn’t want to go look) :

15 – Miz Poo – date of birth: 9/17/1999
10 – Maxi: 2004
9 – Joe Bob: 6/20/2005
9 – Sugarbutt: 6/28/2005
9 – Tom Cullen: 6/28/2005
8 – Newt: 1/2006
7 – Stinkerbelle: 3/28/2007
7 – Kara: 4/1/2007
5 – Jake: 6/14/2009
4 – Corbie: 2/8/2010
4 – Alice: 6/6/2010
2 – Stefan: 5/5/12
8 months – Dennis: 10/14/13

As I recall, the date of birth for Maxi was a complete guess, so she might be a bit younger than 10. But see that clump there, where we have 6 cats who are 7 – 9 years old? I know that they’re still pretty young, and they’re all doing great, but OH how I dread the years when they all hit old age.

Also, George and Gracie are 6 years old this year (born 7/23/2008), and since Great Pyrs live to be 10 – 12 years old, they’re now MIDDLE AGED (don’t tell Gracie, though, she still runs around like a puppy.)

If you’re wondering, I had no idea that so many of our cats (Joe Bob, Sugarbutt, Tommy, Jake and Alice) have June birthdays, so I guess it’s a good thing I never do birthday celebrations for them, because that’s ALL I would have been doing this month.


I wonder if Uncle Dennis will miss this batch when it’s time for them to go? They sure do make a sweet group to hang out with!

I suspect he might not miss them at all – he’s been downstairs for most of the past two days, and has shown no inclination to go upstairs and hang out with those bratty little kittens.


So glad you decided to keep Dennis! When our herd reached 13 we named her Trissy, it’s short for triskadecaphobia, or fear of the number 13 LOL!

That is a GREAT name!


Robyn, I had a dream last night-that you and Fred were going on vacation, and some of your readers were going to take care of the cats while you were away. Of course, I was among the chosen πŸ˜‰ The funny thing is you lived in your old house, and it took 10 of us to take care of the cats! Plus instead of letting them into the yard with collars, you had a big screened porch off the back of the house, and we all hung out there. Wow, this sounds really boring when I type it out, but it was a fun dream!

I think you should all come take care of the cats so that Fred and I can go on vacation. I suspect it wouldn’t be as fun as you might imagine… but maybe it would!

(Also, I really really want a screened porch!)


Did you HAVE to do the β€œYou’re already home,” she said to me. Ugh. Crying at work, Robyn.

Of COURSE I did. But rest assured, I am 100% positive you weren’t crying alone.


Sometimes I think Dennis looks *so* much like my Henry

He certainly does!


This influx of orange boys got me thinking… I know that orange cats are more likely to be male than female, but that a female orange cat is not unheard of… Have you ever fostered a female orange cat?

It’s entirely possible that I’ve forgotten someone, but I think I’ve had seven female orange tabbies.

Susannah, from the Ka-Tet litter.

Lindsay, Lucille, and Maeby, the Bluths.

Rumba and Samba.

And Phyllis.

Speaking of Phyllis, her brother Creed was just returned to the shelter after three years. I got a chance to see him briefly the other night, and he is just the sweetest, friendliest boy. This is what he looked like when he was our foster:

I don’t have a current picture of him, but rest assured that he is BEYOOTIFUL.


Do you ever slip and call Mooch “Smooch” by accident?


there needs to be a new game developed at Crooked Acres called “SMOOCH THE MOOCH”. Not really a game, really, since the only rule is that you must smooch the Mooch every time you see him.

“Smooch” is one of Mooch’s nicknames, and I call him by it often.

I totally win “Smooch the Mooch”, because I can’t help but kiss his little face every time I see him!


I got this rabbit fur toy off Etsy, and Gilbert LOVES IT SO.

If you look very closely, you can see the end of Gilbert’s tongue sticking out of his mouth.

I love how Marshall is looking at Dennis. Also, you can see how long and slinky Marshall has gotten.

“Well. I don’t like THIS.”


Such a pretty boy.

Orlando, before he went off to Petsmart, pulling the tongue-tip maneuver.

Dennis, showing off his ear floof again.

Orlando and Marshall, snugglebuggin’.

Oh, how I love it when they curl up together.

Sweet sleepin’ Blaster.

Sleepy Gilbert.

So, for the past two days Dennis has spent more time downstairs than upstairs. I’m a little disappointed that he doesn’t want to spend more time with those little kittens, but I also understand. He has a collar to keep him in the back yard, and he’s gone outside plenty, but also isn’t spending all his time outside, which is good. Jake has taught him that when I’m in the kitchen, it’s time to sit around with hopeful eyes – Dennis is a very fast learner, and so now I can barely step into the kitchen without half the cat population following me and giving me the Eyes of Starvation.


“Lady, I am real real real hungry.”

“I’ma just open my mouth like this, and you drop some food in, okay?”


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6-27-14 — 24 Comments

  1. Just for the record, 80% of all orange kitties are male so if you have a female…she is on the rare side. πŸ™‚

    Love all the pics! Marshall is getting lanky!

    I certainly hope that some sort of food morsel found its way into that adorable awaiting (open) mouth!!!

  2. My 3 small dogs come running if I open my fridge door, and sit with a similar expression and with their mouths hanging open. My smallest (used to weigh 8 lbs, now at 10) is becoming a porker. I swear I am going to cut back starting today…ah, promises I make to myself but fail to carry through.

    Dennis looks like he’s learning from the pros at Crooked Acres!

    • EVERY time I’m in the kitchen doing anything, half the population comes in to keep me company. Some food might accidentally fall onto the floor, you know! πŸ™‚

        • I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT STORY. I must go back and find it now for the laughs!

          Edit: Maybe it would be an excellent choice for a Throwback Thursday post? πŸ˜€

  3. Marshall & his big ol’ Wide Eyes of Wonder crack me up. And I think his lanky look is enhanced by all those stripes! lol

    Dennis’ squinty face of disdain also amuses me to no end.

    Those last two pics are funny… did you drop some snack related item into that waiting kitty face?

  4. Seven lady orange kitties, that’s impressive! (and 3 in one litter, even more)
    My Pandora is an orange kitty lady and she’s quite the character — were all the orange ladies characters too? πŸ™‚

  5. GRRRRR. I Hate when cats are returned but at least they were being responsible and taking Creed somewhere secure where he’d be cared for.

    Blastr and Smooch look like anime kitties, they’ve got such big eyes!!!

    I have trouble leaving sleeping kitties lie, I have to kiss them.

    Anyone else with this problem?

    • I always, always have to kiss sleeping kittens. And what makes it better is that they almost always start purring (without waking up) when I kiss them!

  6. I LOVE the β€œLady, I am real real real hungry.” pic..

    I have had a lot of ‘orange’ kitties, and in fact I have one right now. About 50% of them have been female in the years I have fostered.

    • If I were more motivated, I’d go back through my fosters and make a note of their coloring, so that I could go back and see how many of each color scheme I’ve had. It would be interesting.

      But also a lot of work, and I’d much rather take a nap with kittens. πŸ™‚

  7. Adorable kitties. You COULD have one big birthday party for ALL the residents in June every year. I’m glad Dennis is well and Mooch also. They are my recent favs. I like the “fear” naming theme.
    Agora(open spaces); Bronto(thunder and lightning); Electro(electricity); Ergo(work); Lutra( otters)

  8. We have a screened porch and it is my favorite part of the house. We recently put up a little shelf for our cat to perch. The cat loves the porch for bird watching and HOWLS to be let out there. A couple time we’ve forgotten about him and left him over night, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

  9. I would pay CASH MONEY to hang out on a screened porch and take care of your kitties OMG BEST IDEA EVER