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Here at Crooked Acres, we like to do all our important cleaning on Saturday, and we make the kittens do the same.

I love Dennis’s black feet.

Hey, you gotta clean EVERYTHING.

Don’t distract the kittens from their cleaning!

“Doing something important here, lady.”

“Go ‘way.”

Look at those clean white feet!


He’s busy cleanin’, but Gilbert makes sure to keep an eye on me.

Silly boy.

Sweet Mooch, keepin’ it clean.

Once he himself is clean, Dennis is happy to help out with the kittens.


A video of Dennis cleaning Blaster. I love the way he holds Blaster’s head in place with his paw (which looks huge next to Blaster’s little head.)

YouTube link.


Marshall was kind enough to demonstrate the monkey walk for us.

YouTube link.


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6-28-14 — 8 Comments

  1. I love Dennis’s black feet too — and everything else in this post. As for last year’s, it’s amazing to recall Stefan’s brief incarnation as half feral.

  2. Love the video of Dennis and Blaster! Dennis is such a good ‘uncle’! And I had to replay it so I could see Blaster pat Dennis’s head again, like he’s wondering, “Are you my mother?” 😉

  3. Looks like SOMEone forgot to take Dennis off a Hot Tin Roof, and now his footsies are cooked!

    Seriously though, it is very cute to see his little black paws. I didn’t know his whole forefoot was that color! 🙂

    • That’s typical of the tabby pattern – black foot bottoms. It is especially interesting in Chinchilla Silvers and Golds, as they look pale or while otherwise.

  4. I was just catching up on some of the older posts and the Hyundai Accent was mentioned. I just about went for one last year but got talked into buying a Veloster instead (by my husband, not sales person). I love my little speedy car. I don’t have kids & rarely take passengers but I’ve hauled wood & cinder blocks with it.

    My hubs thought the base model (which was pretty great) had no get up & go so I was talked into getting the Turbo. So so glad I agreed. I love it.