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Awesome news: Charming was adopted last night! He’s been adopted by Cydney’s sister (Cydney is another Challenger’s House foster mom), so he’s staying “in the family”! Yay, Charming!!!

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Question, why does Jareth appear to have a shaved spot on his tummy?

They tattoo the boys as well as the girls, so they shave a small spot on their tummies for the tattoo. Yes, it’s usually obvious whether a male cat has been neutered or not, but it’s better to have the tattoo to remove all doubt, I think.

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Out of curiosity, how often do you have to deal with “presents” (in the form of dead varmints or birds) from the outside cats? Do they bring them to you at your doorstep or mercifully keep them away from the house?

Matthew, what an appropriately timed question! I got back from the grocery store to find a teeny tiny organ (a lung, I think) on the side stoop. Maxi and Newt have learned that presents are not required, but Stefan hasnโ€™t gotten the hint yet. Iโ€™ve found mice and moles on the side stoop 2-3 times a week for the past few weeks.

I posted that answer (in the comments) the day Matthew asked it, but I just have to add here that there’s some sort of tiny organ – I think it’s a lung – on the side stoop at this moment. I’m ignoring it in hopes that it will go away.

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I missed Stefan–when did he arrive?

I’m cutting and pasting from my response on June 7th; perhaps one day I’ll get around to making him his own permanent resident page!

We first saw Stefan back in, oh – sometime last Fall, I guess. We didn’t see him in person, we just happened to catch him on the gamecam a few times when I set it out to see who was showing up at the feeding station. Then we saw him in person in February. It’s been a very slow process, but Fred finally befriended Stefan, and last week he was able to grab him and put him in a cage overnight until we got him to the vet for an exam and neutering and his shots.

Fred was SURE that Stefan was going to be positive for Feline Leukemia, but his Combo test came back clear. He had worms in a bad way, but no fleas or ear mites since we had treated him for fleas and ticks a few weeks previously.

So I guess we’re adding him to our outdoor cat population. I would have liked to perhaps tame him and have him adopted out, but he’s really half feral. He shows up a couple of times a day to eat and hang out on the side porch. Now that he’s neutered, perhaps he’ll stop SPRAYING (if there’s anything that smells nastier than unneutered male cat spray, I don’t want to know about it. GAH.) Maxi has no problems with him, but Newt would like him to GO AWAY NOW, PLZ.

I have no idea where he came from. The vet tech guessed him to be 1 – 2 years old. That actually puts him in the right age to be related to Stompers. And he looks a LOT like Coltrane. I have no idea if he actually has owners around here somewhere, but he was skin and bones and loaded down with worms. Hopefully he’ll gain a little weight.

So, that’s the story on Stefan, who has lately started to become known as Stefonzie (you can blame Fred for that.)

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Does Khaleesi make the comforting mama trill at her kittens?

She does, from time to time. In fact, I was hanging out with them yesterday morning and Khaleesi came into the room (from the closet), reclined on the floor, and trilled at them. Scorch and Ember immediately ran over to her and started nursing. So I guess THEY might be ready to go without nursing, but Khaleesi doesn’t seem to be!

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Robyn, didn’t you and Fred take to calling one of the orange brothers who took a while to find a family — and then ended up with the ideal one — Lunk?

YES! How on Earth did that slip my mind?!

Kennebec, who was actually with us at this time last year, was returned to Challenger’s House at the beginning of the year, along with his sister, Mercury. They stayed here with us for a while, and Kennebec had turned into such a hunk of a mancat that we started calling him “Lunk.” Good ol’ Lunk!

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Speaking of boxes have you seen this – I can just picture your kitties playing whack a cat with a similar one.

YouTube link.

Ha – that is SO cute (and SO something you’d see around here!)

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Do you have to clean up after the kittens because they have no mum to clean them up after potty time?

Yes, I get to potty them every time I feed them, by rubbing their back ends with pieces of paper towel. I used to potty them before feeding them, but they get pretty wiggly and frantic when they’re hungry, so I reversed that and it works out pretty well. It’s actually not so bad – I know that this time doesn’t last all that long, and in a few more weeks they’ll be happy to start using the litterbox themselves.

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Do the Starks make biscuits while they are taking a bottle?

No, they sure don’t. They usually either sit with their paws neatly folded, rest their paws on my hand, or (if they’re really hungry), hug the bottle. But no kneading!

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Robyn – where in the world do you find nipples that small? I’ve never been able to track them down and end up using syringes for my bottle babies.

I got them in the Pet Ag Nursing Kit. I’ve tried several different kinds of nipples, but if they’re going to drink from the bottles, those are the nipples they prefer.

(Just a note – the instructions on the package for those nipples say to poke a hole in the end of the nipples with a needle. That makes the hole WAY too small, so what I do is cut an X in the end, which works really well.)

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So I’ve recently dived into the whole “Game of Thrones” thing with both feet. I’m reading the books, and since we don’t have HBO, the DVDs of the first two seasons are in our Netflix queue. I was looking through the IMDB pictures of the series, and stills from the show are interspersed with photos from promotional events, showing the actors in regular street clothes. One notable absence is Jack Gleeson, the young man who plays Joffrey. I wonder why he doesn’t come to these events? Is he afraid someone would punch him in the face?

He certainly has a face that begs to be punched, doesn’t he? But I read an interview recently wherein he swears that no one is ever mean to him on the street. On the other hand, Lena Headey has said that people are very rude to her on the street sometimes, so I ask you: is that fair? I think not!

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So very glad Susan got the fourth kitten in that bunch – which one was the fourth?

Hodor was the fourth one. I imagine that he made himself known to the woman (who hadn’t been able to find him) through sheer lung power!

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Seriously, what would you call Scorcha’s fur coloring?

I call it buff – and Oldcat said: It’s a dilute red or orange. Also called creme, especially when in a dilute tortie lady which is a “blue-creme” tortie.

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You’ve probably already heard of Hamilton the hipster cat, ’cause he seems to be making the rounds of the interwebs, but I thought I’d post this just in case you hadn’t, because he reminds me very much of Puff (which is a very good thing!).

I’d seen his picture, but didn’t know his name. I love not only that he has a mustache, but that it turns up on both sides! ๐Ÿ™‚

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I would like to submit this question to the Fount of all Kitten Knowledge that is your readers. At what age do you think it’s appropriate for a kitten to be eating hard kibble? My Black Jack is about 3 months old, the same age as the Royals, and he just will not eat kibble. When I put down baby kibble for him, the adult cats love it and gobble it up, and he turns up his nose at it. He only wants canned food.

Heโ€™s definitely old enough to be eating kibble at 3 months old. Some cats just prefer canned to kibble (or vice versa, in rare cases), but Iโ€™ve always been lucky that my fosters will eat both. I donโ€™t have any suggestions on how to get him to eat kibble (once the kittens are about 4 weeks old I leave kibble out all the time, and they eventually try it and eat it okay), but if anyone has suggestions on this, please feel free to share!

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Would you look at the noggin on Puff? He’s all head!

A big fan of the straws, this one.

“Unhand me, lady!” LOVE the Ruthie.

“Paws up, y’all!”

“Hey! Keep it quiet out there! A guy can’t hardly sleep with all that noise going on!”

Sleepy Ember would also like us to keep it down.

“Hallo, lady.”

“Hi, Mama! HI!”

Talk about your baleful look.

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“Hey, lady, make with the bottle!” (Or, more accurately: “Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor!”)

Sometimes after they eat, they just curl up and go right to sleep. Does the little stripey tail kill you dead, or what?

“Hey! Lookit my BELLY!”

Brandon rolling around, while Jon Snow supervises.

Brudderly tussling (such as it is, at this age.)

All of these kittens have a permanent case of bedhead.

Oh, the kitten belly. The kitten toes. The falling-over-in-slow-motion. I sure do love ’em at this age.

When I hold them up against me, they sniff and sniff and sniff some more. They’re trying to make sense of me, I guess.

Hangin’ out on the blankie.

Brandon gives me the skeptical eyes.

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“Hey, creepy paparazzi lady! I SEE you, taking pictures through the door! Can’t a gorgeous boy get any PEACE around here?”


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6-28-13 — 40 Comments

    • I was also going to suggest making it softer by adding a little water to it.

  1. Hi Robyn, The video with the box is great. Will have to remember for future fosters. I saw the box with the ribbon and thought I should share what happened to me last week.

    I have read in the past to be careful with kitties and those long skinny ribbons that cats can eat and get tangled in their intestines. Well I never had a problem with that until last week. My husband brought me flowers home for my birthday, tied with a long thin ribbon. I put the flowers in the vase went upstairs and about 5 minutes later I came down and my adult cat (8yrs old) was eating this ribbon. She had eaten about 6 inches and was working on the rest. I had to slowly pull it out. She was fine and had never done this before. This could have turned into a serious medical emergency. So be safe with ribbons around your kitties. Young and old.

    • I’m so glad you caught your kitty before she could eat it all! Those thin ribbons (ugh, and Easter grass – and tinsel!) are the devil.

      • My friend’s cat once ate the string that was put around the roast and it got tangled up in her insides; fortunately she did it the night before she was to be spayed. Good timing on her part.

        Another friend’s dog once ate a needle and thread and had a trip to the vet nd came home good as new; unfortunately sometime later she ate her “mommy’s” stocking and did not survive that *sigh*

        • I helped a neighbor out when her dog ate a fishing hook left by the pond (with shrimp on the hook). It was lodged down the GI track at the base of the neck. Fortunately, when it was time for surgery, it had unhooked itself and was in the stomach.

          • I had a kitten years ago who ate Christmas garland (the twisted kind). She had to have an operation to get it out. I never put garland on my tree anymore. Although my Christmas tree actually hangs on the wall. It is a half of a tree with a basket on the bottom and is about three feet high. Perfect for a house with cats !!! My two senior cats like to stare at it. I just take a picture down and put the tree up.

  2. I have to say that you should have named the white kitten “Ghost” after Jon’s direwolf. Jon Snow should be an all black kitty, because after all, he’s wearing the black. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I actually thought about naming these guys after the direwolves – but Nymeria and Lady are both girls (I think?) and I didn’t want to name a kitten Shaggydog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yay for my prince charming… Does Cydney’s sister know that the added weight on Charming is a piece of my heart??? Awwww… hoping the bestest for the restest of the Royals!!! (They deserve it! wait, all fosters do!) Norbie kills me dead peeking out from under the bed! Wait, they all do. I don’t know how you do it… I would, at some point, integrate all of the kittens in one room and then I’d NEVER leave.. no cooking, no cleaning… just me at the kittens all day every day! Hat’s off to your self discipline, Robyn!

  4. I have one that seems to be all head, too, though his body is beginning to catch up. I think it’s partly because he’s the floofiest one, so he has the big neck ruff and his head looks huge. Also, it is bigger than the heads on the others… It’s just hard to believe they have doubled in size in the month we’ve had them!

  5. OMG! I don’t check in for a couple days and what do I see when I get back!?!?!


    I’m way to freakin excited about this! I need to tell my heart to be still every time I see that precious little calico <3

    /Man card officially burned and ashes scattered to the wind

    • Only burn your ‘man’ card if you go SQUEE like a little girl.. other than that, you keep that sucker close by, I know many a woman who loves a good cat guy..

    • I haven’t checked in about four days, so I KNEW there’d be a new litter. Happens every time I don’t visit for more than 3 days. So weird.

      (Also, seconding what Connie and GD said!)

  6. So Charming’s off into the big bad world. I still say he’s got some world domination plans in the back of his mind….

    Let’s hope that the other Royals find their forever homes this weekend!

    Those dragons though, between Norbert, ember and Scorcha, they definitely have dragon-sized charisma.

    I love those big, full bellies on the Snow’s. I hope that they’re going to put on some weight and grow like direwolves.

  7. I always forget that Kara is Sheriff Mama (which isn’t among her nicknames listed). I just want to smoooooooosh her fuzzy beautiful face.
    Every time you post babies I show my husband and go all girly with “loooook at da baybeeeeees”.

    • I can’t believe I never went and added that as one of her nicknames! I’m going to go do that right now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Kitten bedhead is only one of the adorable things on this post. And has Stefan calmed down any since he invited himself into the coolest family going?

    • He’s turning into a pretty chill dude. Fred seems to be planning to introduce him to the indoors. SIGH (but that SIGH is really only for appearances’ sake.)

      • Thanks for the chortle, and when I’m not crossing my fingers for the Royals and all creatures in need of loving homes, they’ll be crossed for a soft landing for smooth operator Stefan. Also, how great is it that Charming’s staying in the family?! We need to keep up with his ruff.

  9. Is Jon Snow your first white foster?
    I knew some one who had a kitten Scorch’s color. His brother was orange tabby. She named them Henna and Clorox.

  10. Random response to the Jack Gleeson/Joffrey comment. According to commentaries on the DVDs he is a very serious academic student and plans to leave acting when he is done with his studies. Hence the not being in promotional photos, etc.

  11. BTW, when did Kennebec become such a stud? What happened to the “cute” boy in the kitten boy band.

  12. I think Brandon’s chronic bedhead is adorable. With the way the gray patch is on his forehead it looks like he is “raising an eyebrow” at you saying “you talkin’ to me ?” or something like that !!!! It is difficult to write what it sounds like in my head ๐Ÿ™‚ You have a fantastic imagination Robyn, I’m sure you can hear it in your head too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kiss all those little bedheads for me !!!

    Sweet, sweet Charming, someones heart melted and couldn’t resist not having for their own !!!! I hope because he is still in “the family” we will get many updates !!

  13. Yay for Charming! I hope his sisters and brothers will soon follow.

    And, OMG, teeny tiny bebbeh calico! Squeee! I mean, they are ALL adorable, but I just have such a weakness for those girls!