6-29-13 – Kitturday

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Yesterday, I got an email from the shelter manager reminding me that I was slated to do a segment on the 4:00 news with Bev from the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic. I’d agreed to it weeks and weeks ago and had immediately completely forgotten, but luckily it wasn’t a big deal because I had no plans. I decided to bring Leia because I thought she’d show up best on camera and because she tends to be a bit less skittish than Aslan.

I swung by Petsmart, picked up Leia, and off to Parkway Place Mall we went! I wasn’t on the news myself this time because it makes me so nervous that I opted not to. So you won’t see me in this clip, but rest assured that I was just off-camera in case Leia decided to lose her mind (she didn’t – but she had plenty to say!)

If that embedded video doesn’t work for you, this direct link may or may not work.

Edited to add 6/28/2020: The video is no longer available. Sorry you missed the magic!

Unfortunately, no Royals were adopted last night. I suspect that adoptions will be slow this week due to the holiday, but hopefully they’ll pick up!

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Cydney reported to me yesterday that Charming is doing great! He’s playing, purring, climbing up into his mama’s lap when he’s sleepy. He and his new brother (Harley) sniffed at each other under the door with no drama, so after a night apart, they were introduced yesterday morning. Charming went a bit floofy, but calmed down quickly, and there was lots of running, playing, talking, and being watched by his big brudder. I bet they’re going to be BFFs really, really soon.

I’m not surprised at all – that Charming is certainly well named!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Guess who’s headed off to be spayed on Tuesday?

That’s right, it’s Mama Khaleesi’s turn! Her kittens are 8 1/2 weeks, and so I feel like I’m racing the clock on getting Khaleesi spayed before she goes into heat. I was able to get Kate done before she went into heat – will I be able to this time, too? I hope so!

Fightin’ sisters.


“Why you always harassing me when I’m hanging out on my bed, lady?”

Scorch keeps an eye on that straw.

“Mama! STOP!”




“Mama, I’m CLEAN. Stop it, you’re so EMBARRASSING. GAWD!”

Ember and Ruth, hangin’ out in the cat tree condo.

Pretty, pretty Puff.

The little teeth just kill me dead.

Sweet Scorch.

After the Dragons rushed the door for the millionth time on Thursday, I decided it was time to give them a little more room to roam. I put the barrier up across the hallway, and opened the door so that they could have the bathroom and Fred’s room to explore. The kittens aren’t sure what they think, but Khaleesi thought it was AWESOME. It took her maybe five minutes to realize she could jump to the top of the barrier and then jump down onto the floor on the other side. She spent more time away from her babies than with them, but went back and checked on them every once in a while. She certainly liked having the freedom to roam the house. There was some hissing between her and Corbie, but for the most part it was drama-free.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I moved the Starks from their carrier to the tub, so they’d have more room to stretch their legs if they want to. Of course, every single time I’ve peeked in on them, they’ve been curled up on the heating pad, or not far from it. They get plenty of exercise racing around the tub howling when it’s time to eat, though. I take them out of the tub, one by one, feed and potty them, and then set them on a blanket on the floor. Whoever is the last to eat (it varies – no one always gets to eat first, and no one ever eats last every time) usually paces back and forth, trying to figure out how to get out of the tub.

After everyone’s fed and pottied, I put them in my lap and they roll around and gum each other and just generally look fat and happy.

(Speaking of fat and happy, Jon Snow weighed in at 11 1/2 ounces yesterday. He’s more than doubled his weight, and he’s almost an entire ounce heavier than Bran, the next largest kitten. Arya’s the smallest at 9 3/8 ounces. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in lung power! Their weight chart can be seen on their page, here.)

The aforementioned rolling-around-with-full-bellies.

Brandon, always serious.

I got a short video of Jon Snow, howling because he’s starrrrrving. I was holding the bottle for Arya with one hand, and trying to get Jon Snow’s “voice” with the camera, so it’s a bit shaky. Toward the end, when he really gets going, he sounds like a seagull to me!

YouTube link.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stefan, on the side stoop. He spends most of his days here, lately. If he’s not on the side stoop, he’s not very far away.

Current nickname for Stefan: Stringbean, because he’s so long and thin.


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6-29-13 – Kitturday — 12 Comments

  1. My elderly, very maternal Husky got quite concerned about Jon Snow’s whereabouts and condition, I’ll have you know. 🙂 This is the same dog that once jumped in a swimming pool to “rescue” my nieces who were taking turns jumping off the diving board. ♥

  2. Princess Leia, adorable and talkative. Surely she’ll be adopted soon; I would have bet she’d be first to find a forever home. Cute segment. Thanks for posting it; we can’t get 31 due to cable cutting it. Argh.

    It’s amazing what feeding and cleaning, providing a safe, comfy environment for wretched little kittehs can do — now they do indeed look like royalty. Thanks for all you do; I wish I was able to do half as much.

    I can’t foster due to back issues — but I recently acquired another cat (former stray or one someone dropped here). And I have another tiny dog (neighbors were not taking care of her). Soooooo, I have 3 dogs and 3 cats now — not to mention the legion of strays I keep food/water out for (ferals).

  3. I think Khaleesi and Corbie were arguing over who is the most gorgeous!

    And Figaro was also concerned about the kittens. I think he’s more maternal than my female cat, who has not a maternal bone in her body.

    Also, EMBER’S PINK TOES!!!

  4. Oreo did not seem to care about the kitten noises but of course my young daughter did. If we had a bigger house I’m sure there would be fosters lining the walls. Jon Snow DOES in fact sound like a seagull btw.

  5. John snow sounds just like a seagull there at the end!
    My older female tabby was quite interested in his cries!

    I loved seeing leia chatting up the camera, I bet she gets adopted soon!

  6. It’s a shame that Leia’s not like, charismatic or photogenic.

    When did the dragons become cats and not kittens? I just turned my heck for a second and there are these strapping young things where those fuzzy chrysanthemum heads were!!!

  7. * whines * why can’t I find the video? halp :-

    (edited to add) found it… clicked back to yesterday’s videos. Eeee so cute!

  8. I bet after Beverly said, “She’ll be able to use the Force” or whatever it was, like 75 people went, “Wait, REALLY? Dibs!”

    If the camera guy’d been able to get a little bit lower, I think she’d have been even more adorable – less shadow on her face, less of the eye-angle that made her look scared and about to freak out. To me, she seemed more curious than anything, but as the segment went on, it seemed like she liked it less and less, that big machine/man hybrid looming over her. I think she’ll be scooped up surprisingly soon.

  9. Jon Snow DOES sound like a seagull!!! Thank you for the laughs you provide by way of these kitties. 🙂 I think these two litters of kittens you have now are about the cutest I’ve ever seen! I love their coloring!