6-29-10 – The Rescuees & the Bookworms.

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It’s too bad Jake and Elwood can hardly get any of the kittens to hang out with them at ALL, isn’t it?

Reacher and Elwood.

Lieu likes to pick fights with Elwood.

Elwood and Reacher.

Elwood and Lieu.

Rhyme’s all “I LOVE YOU, Crazy Jake!”

Rhyme’s all “I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m IN LOOOOOOVE!”
Sheila’s all “Get out of the way, it’s my turn to snuggle with him!”

From atop the dryer, Bolitar disapproves of all the shenanigans.

I cannot get over how long and leggy the Bookworms have gotten.


And now, a couple of movies. The first one is from about six weeks ago (it’s not that I don’t want to share movies with y’all – it’s that I use my Flip video to take movies, and then forget to do anything after that!), and it’s Reacher and Rhyme, hanging out in the recycling bin.

YouTube link

This one is from last week, I think. It starts with Sheila playing and Bolitar deciding she needs a smackdown and then goes from there. Bolitar is not a Sheila fan.

YouTube link


Sugarbutt disapproves.


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6-29-10 – The Rescuees & the Bookworms. — 6 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness those clips are hilarious! I love Sheila not taking Bolitar at all seriously – LOL!

    So lovely to see Jake and Elwood being the kitties’ favourite furry hangouts! LOL! And Sugarbutt’s expression is priceless!

    Thanks for sharing these fab pics and clips.

    I hope the emergency call from Cat Hoffman get tons of replies- what an awful situation! 🙁

    Take care

  2. These are wonderful photos. (We especially like Jake and Elwood because they are Franklin doppelgangers – and Franklin would LOVE to have some kittens around!)

    Re the dreadful Philadelphia situation – we read about it earlier and after thinking about it for a while, we think Ms. Cat should contact the local media (she may have already tried this – of course, we do not know!) Even in our small-market area, there is a newpaper person who writes a column about pets and often features pets that are available for adoption at area shelters – it might help to contact someone like this. In any case, grrr and hiss on “new director”!

  3. Lieu sure looks like he feels at home. I think when it’s adoption time he’ll stage a one-cat protest.