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Dennis has not set foot upstairs during the day in at least three or four days. He hoodwinked me by being good with the babies and now he wants nothing to do with them!

He seems to be spending most of his daytime hours on top of the bookcase in the front room, or snuggled up inside the back of Fred’s recliner. He’s such a brat.


“We don’t miss no stinkin’ Uncle Dennis!”

Smilin’ Grant.

Marshall, mid head-shake.

Gilbert thinks his new long-legged octopus is da BOMB.

Marshall loves to play soccer with this water bottle cap.

I sure do love his stripes.

He has mad soccer skillz.

Gilbert, fond of that catnip pad. I love his pink toes up in the air.

Grant, biting the corner of the kitty cube I pulled out of the closet for them to play with. It’s one of those square cubes that pops up, and they spend all their time making it go flat again.

Gilbert, showing the long-legged cheetah who the boss is. He really loves these long-legged toys.

“You kids! Keep it down out here, I’m trying to sleep!” That’s Angelo, who is very slowly coming around. Yesterday when I went upstairs to put Fred’s laundry away, Angelo was sleeping on Fred’s bed. I startled him, so he ran under the bed – but it was good to see him out and about.


Grandma Poo, chillin’.


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6-30-14 — 29 Comments

    • Oh, I totally noticed that – that’s probably why he likes hanging out up there, it just makes him look even prettier. πŸ™‚

  1. Great weekend in Indy! We had the first Indy Mega Adoption Event. Many of the local shelters joined together at the State Fairgrounds and brought about 750 adoptable cats and dogs. At the end of the day Saturday 217 dogs and 215 cats were adopted. Then on Sunday, they brought more animals. All dogs were adopted by 1:30 on Sunday. I don’t have a final count of adoptions but overall it was a fanstastic result. Indy is trying to get to be all No-Kill shelters and the goal was to empty out the shelters through adoptions so we could stop euthanasia due to space limitations. My Mom, hubby Dave and I volunteered and had a blast. And, yes, someone came home with us. Hamilton had been rescued in Feb 2014 ( nasty cold day) with a deep, draining bite wound on his right front leg. He has been in the clinic to recoup, in foster care after that and recently in the cat room at the shelter. Now he is a permanent resident at our house. He is just the dearest orange tabby boy about 2 years old. He has a decided limp but I am hoping that was due to an ingrown claw that I was able to clip yesterday. Just the best weekend.

    • FABULOUS!!!! Both the Mega Event and that you now have Hamilton in your life!!

      • Could have been. It was hard to figure out who all was there. I know there was a lot of talk about how the Tampa area had done this with great success so we were going to try the same thing. I think the key was cooperation from all the shelters/ organizations, good media blitz, corporate sponsors and volunteers. The people working for the shelters are amazing. It was crazy busy but every one seemed to maintain their composure.

      • No kidding. He saw us coming for sure. We had talked about another cat, even looking at yours, but just had not made the move. Never fails, just when you are not looking, boom! He is just the best boy and I am in love already. When a kitty reaches up his paws, pulls your face down and gives you kisses how can you not fall in love???

    • Congrats on finding a sweet kitty who needs a little extra loving.

      Glad the whole thing went well and lots of ‘clients’ went home!

  2. Miz Poo makes my heart sing, I lurves her soo!
    In this photo her little tongue in her mouth looks like a mini-heart, don’t you think? Or am I the only one who sees that?!

  3. Dennis! Those babies need your wisdom and counsel! Also – your bathing skills….

  4. Gilbert and Marshall are killing me today. We need to sign Marshall up for the USA team.

    I really want to kiss behind Orlando’s ears.

  5. Grandma Poo just made my day! Please give her a big hug and kiss from me! πŸ˜€

  6. “Now that the Lady saz this my forever home, I don’t need to be nice and help with the little ones to make her love me more. This my home always”

  7. had to laugh – love to go back and read. I read the one about kara and was all “hey – that reminds me I forgot the call the clinic about Jade”. haha

    • Poor Spanky – for some reason, he’s the one the in-heat girls always seemed to focus on, and he never had ANY idea what they wanted from him!

  8. Awww Miz Poo is adorable! Marshall in mid head shake is amazing! The ears! Take care