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I’ve been terribly remiss in announcing this. Remember Newman from way back at the end of March? You might not, because I only mentioned him the once – at that time, we were waiting for Maggie to drop those babies, and Rufus out running around the house. So once Newman was tested and neutered, he went to the shelter to be treated for parasites. Everyone who got to meet him invariably said that he was an awesome cat. A few weeks ago, he went to Petsmart.

Well, last week Lisa sent me the picture above, with the subject “Guess who got adopted!” Then a few days later, the lady who adopted Newman sent an update email to the shelter:

I adopted Newman from Petsmart on Tuesday, and I just wanted to send a short update email. He is doing great! We haven’t yet introduced him to the other cats in the household, but he is doing fine in my room / the adjoining game room. He’s using the litterbox fine, eating well and drinking. He does a good job of entertaining himself when we are gone. He seems to really like the scratching post and his various mice/feather toys. He’s very cuddly and sleeps at my feet, and he loves to lick while being petted. When we leave during the day, if it isn’t going to be too hot I leave the window open (there is a mesh protective layer so that he can’t get through) and he likes to sit on the windowsill and smell the scents and hear the birds. The only “problem” we had was that after eating, he tried to “bury” his food and water bowls with the towel upon which they were sitting, resulting in the towel repeatedly soaking up all his water. This was less of a problem and more of an adorable behavior, so we just removed the towel and he has learned that the carpet won’t budge. Haha! 🙂

Anyways, we are loving Newman, and he has never shown any sign of being afraid or unhappy or disturbed by the move. Quite the contrary, he seems very happy and rambunctious!

Don’t you love a happy ending? I sure do!

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Sights from around Crooked Acres

2011-06-30 (2)
The former compost heap, current tomato heap. I harvested the first tomato from those plants yesterday – just a cherry tomato – and ate it last night with dinner!

2011-06-30 (1)
One of the Mums I tossed last Fall when (I thought) it was mostly dead. It THRIVED on the compost heap. You can’t tell how big it is, but it’s HUGE. If I can keep the tomato plants from smothering it, I’ll dig it up this Fall and put it on the front porch.

2011-06-30 (18)
Baby pecans. Hopefully they’ll keep doing well, and we’ll be able to harvest them this Fall. It’s been three years since our last harvest, and we’re running low on them!

2011-06-30 (17)
This is what I love the most about vining plants – the little, fragile-looking (but tenacious) vines that reach out and grab hold. This one was from one of the muscadine vines.

2011-06-30 (16)
We are going to have approximately one bazillion muscadines this year. Last year I used the pulp from our small batch of muscadines to make muscadine jam. This year, we may have enough so that I can make jelly. (If we were wine drinkers, I might try my hand at muscadine wine! But alas we are not.)

2011-06-30 (15)
We might get at least ONE apple this year!

2011-06-30 (14)
The corn’s getting tall – a couple of them are taller than I am (I’m 5 feet, 5 inches tall, for the record).

2011-06-30 (13)
Cucumber vine.

2011-06-30 (12)
Busy busy bees fertilizing those squash blossoms.

2011-06-30 (11)

2011-06-30 (10)
Eggplant. We’ve only got three or four eggplants planted this year. I’m not a huge fan of the eggplant.

2011-06-30 (9)
The cherry tomatoes in the garden have finally started to ripen!

2011-06-30 (8)
Volunteer tomato plant, among the carrots. It’s already got a couple of cherry tomatoes coming along, and it’s only about four inches tall!

2011-06-30 (7)
Cauliflower, eaten alive. I finally yanked them up.

2011-06-30 (6)
Part of the harvest from one day last week – cucumber, zucchini, pattypan squash.

2011-06-30 (5)
More cucumbers.

2011-06-30 (4)
And green beans, of course.

2011-06-30 (3)
We’ve been eating a LOT of oven-fried zucchini, squash, and green tomatoes. I used to use this recipe, but now I just mix equal amounts of cornmeal, flour, and parmesan cheese, and keep a container of it in the fridge at all times. We don’t keep buttermilk on hand, so I just use skim milk instead.

2011-06-30 (19)
Maxi likes to help in the garden.

2011-06-30 (20)

2011-06-30 (25)
We had three broody hens, sitting on 18 eggs between the three of them. TWO eggs hatched, and both chicks decided this hen was their mother. (The second chick, a little yellow one, was under the hen’s wing when I snapped this picture.)

Last year we had a similarly miserable hatching experience and swore we’d never let broody hens sit on eggs when it gets this hot. But did we remember that this year? Of course not. Grrrr.

2011-06-30 (21)
Three little girly pigs, standing next to one of their wallows. I HATE that it’s got that gross green stuff growing in it, and whenever I go out there, I stir up the water with a long stick, but once the water settles, the green stuff is right on top again. It doesn’t bother the pigs, but I hate how evil and fluorescent it looks.

2011-06-30 (22)
“You has a cookie for me?”

2011-06-30 (23)

I made a movie of the pigs at cookie time. You’ll see that rather than shying away from Fred when he hands out the cookies, two of the girls would CUT each other to get their cookie first. As it turns out, the biggest pig is also the most gentle and patiently waits her turn. Good piggeh.

YouTube link

2011-06-30 (24)
George loves his rawhide bone.

2011-06-30 (26)
Happy pup.

2011-06-30 (27)

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2011-06-30 (2)
Declan loves his Mama.

2011-06-30 (1)

2011-06-30 (9)

2011-06-30 (10)

2011-06-30 (11)

2011-06-30 (12)

2011-06-30 (13)
The Spice Girls love them some Macushla.

2011-06-30 (8)
Also some Declan.

2011-06-30 (7)
Please note that none of Finnegan’s paws is actually ON the floor.

2011-06-30 (6)

2011-06-30 (5)

2011-06-30 (4)

2011-06-30 (3)

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2011-06-30 (14)
Your weekly reminder: Corbie is beautiful. That is all.


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6-30-11 — 21 Comments

  1. I love how the McMao monsters, sorry, babies snuggle with the Spice girls. Seriously, those tiny babies we saw born about a week ago are now half the size of their mum! Love the hover cat, too! Oh, and did you realise Corbie is a beautiful cat?

  2. *I* never realized how beautiful Corbie was… how come Robyn has kept this fact from us all these months?!??!?

    So much wonderfulness in this post. It’s good to see everyone happy and healthy and I love that Newman got adopted by someone who obviously loves him to bits! YAY!

    Love the pic of Declan and Maggie – how sweet! And the ‘all pile on’ Macushla pic is hilarious. He doesn’t seem to mind, does he? I love all the photos, but that chicken flock pic is great! Is that the entire flock?

    Finally, sorry, Robyn, that evil green algae will always be with you because it thrives on the nitrogen that the piglets and previous pigs have… er… produced in their… er… poop. The only solution would be to drain that area of the pen.

    As for Maxie, she just knows that it is important to keep your landscape cloth firmly anchored!!

    • Ugh, I hate that green stuff. But I’m secretly hoping that it gives the pigs superpowers. It could happen, right?

      • Well, as they say, anything is possible. It’s just not very probable… *incredibly* not very probable!

  3. Love the series with Clove snuggling up to Macushla. I have some similar pics of my tabby when she was a young ‘un doing that to her older “brother” cat. He is so tolerant of his annoying little sister. Anyway, I just want to reach through the computer screen and grab Clove and snuggle her. When, oh, when will technology advance to that point?!?

  4. Geez, Declan looks like he’s the size of his mother just about! And Macushla really is supermodel gorgeous.

    Now I know that somebody’s a yankee, planting patty-pan squash! That’s still considered an exotic where I live, some trendy, organic, squash vegetable. BTW, ever fry up the squash blossoms? Stuff them with cream cheese and herbs, floury lightly and a quick saute. Delicious!

    • Ha – those squash would be the fault of Fred, the born-and-bred Alabaman. He grew up eating them. I think they’re a pain in the butt, personally, because 90% of the squash we eat is oven-fried, and the pattypans are hard to cut in straight slices.

    • Oh, and I haven’t made the fried squash blossoms yet. Every year I think I might, and every year when the time comes, I’m all “Meh. Don’t wanna.”

  5. Maybe you could start a bunch of compost piles between you and the neighbor : )

    So glad Newman found a safe/loving place to call “home”!

  6. I love kitty posts, but it’s the absolute BEST when you include the garden and the rest of the FARMily!!!

    *so jealous of the tomato-vine-covered compost pile*

  7. The piggies are so cute!

    The little Spice girl curling up with Macushla is so adorable!

    Seeing your pictures from around Crooked Acres makes our Meowm want to come visit!

  8. I always love the around crooked acres posts – thanks for sharing your little slice of the world with us! (especially EEP CHICKS! so cute!)

    Just curious as it seems you have such a menagerie of animals — do you guys have any ducks/geese?

    oh mcmaos i never want to see you go – i know you will have to – and you will all find great homes because you really know how to turn on the charm

    Wee little spice girls and McMaos in one photo = death by cuteness overload

    oh corbie you are just the handsomest boy ever!

  9. Phew! For a minute, when I saw you post a picture of Newman and a blurb at the top, I got very nervous that it was going to be bad news. Hurray that it is spectacular news! So happy such a nice kitty got a nice home.
    Also, I love Maxi. I had a very sweet & loving kitty, Rico, for 20 years, who had the same tuxedo markings. My mother painted a picture of him when I was a child that now hangs on the wall in the entryway of my home (if I can remember, I’ll send you a pic of it). Every time you post a pic of her it makes me smile.
    Last, Hovercat is great! But the one of Finnegan with no paws on the ground – hilarious!!

    • Yep (you can really see the popcorn when you blow the photo up in Flickr). So, Robyn bakes cookies for the piglets and, apparently, makes popcorn for the chickens. That farm is animal heaven!

      • Noooo, I don’t make popcorn for the chickens (anymore)! Fred had popcorn for a snack the night before, and saved the leftovers for the chickens.

        Okay, okay. I HAVE made popcorn for the chickens in the past! I actually bought a 50 lb bag of popcorn kernels from Sam’s one year, and made so much popcorn that the air popcorn popper melted. 🙂

  10. Hooorah for gorgeous Newman!! Yay!!! Awwww that’s brilliant news!!

    Oh Robyn – your place is just terrific and your pics are fabulous – that bee pollinatinig the flower – wow. Such fresh plants and produce. And I LOVE that apple pic. That is one terrific picture.

    Hello to all your chickens and chicken babies and adorable piggies (listen to them!LOL!) and Maxi and George and by golly the McMaos are getting as big as their adorable mama!! Great to see the Spice Girls bonding with the McMaos too!

    Take care

  11. Aww, I actually said “aaww” aloud when I saw the pic of Clove snuggling into Macushla. Aawww. And he slept through the two little girls playing ‘stacks on’ – aaww. Boys, they’ll sleep through anything. Finnegan with his pink boa is “fabulous” and where have you been hiding that gorgeous Corbie?! Pigs with super powers? Sure…it could happen…