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Gilbert keeps an eye on EVERYTHING. Nothing’s allowed to happen without his direct supervision.

“What you want, weird lady?”

“No, seriously. WHAT YOU WANT?”

Blaster is a big fan of catnip toys.

Mooch and Gilbert.

Gilbert comes closer to keep an eye on me (or rather, that feather teaser I was waving around).

Left to right: Mooch, Gilbert, Grant, Blaster. I’m not sure where Marshall was.

There he is! He must have been on the floor, and jumped up to see what was going on.

They’re growing up. Why do they have to grow up? Whyyyyy?

Sweet Mooch, watching his brudders play.

Video! Here’s snackin’ time in the foster room. The first section is from the Dropcam, and shows how the kittens gather around the door when they hear me coming. The second section is what happens when I open the door first thing in the morning. And the last section is evening snack time. Orlando’s included in this video, since I made it before he went off to Petsmart.

YouTube link.


Sugarbutt, Corbie & Jake.


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7-1-14 — 25 Comments

  1. Kittens rushing the door is probably one of the most adorable things ever! Heading for the long and lanky stage I see, cutie pies!
    Looks like the big boys are having a meeting, and Jake’s look says you’re not invited!

  2. There is no better noise than a clowder of screaming kittens. It makes me want to scoop them all up and snuggle them!!!

    • I didn’t get it on video, but Marshall very often twirls around in a circle as the dish is being lowered to the floor. It is seriously cute!

  3. Hahahahahaha. So funny. The screaming of the starvin’ babies. I would just burst out laughing when I entered that room with a tray of snacks. It reminds me of that video that was making the rounds a while back of the person setting up food for a clowder (?) of kittens and they were screaming at him/her. LOL!!!!

  4. I’m saving the video for after I get a long-overdue work project done — that’ll be my reward. From the earlier comments, it sounds like it will be a great treat.

    But I wanted to point out that in that first pic with Mooch (jeesh, every time I go to type his name, my mind says “type ‘Smooch'”!), it looks like he’s wearing spectacles on a chain (you know, like granny’s glasses that she hangs around her neck). Soooo cute!

  5. Oh Mr Boogers, has it really been so long since we said goodbye?

    Sweet boy, I loved how he knew what he wanted and when he wanted it.

    • I miss Mr. Boogers so much. I have reread that entry several times. I remember the sick feeling I had as soon as I opened up that morning . I knew immediately that we had lost Mr. Boogers and I started to cry. I cried all day. It still hurts. Odd how that is, never met him but loved him so much.

      • I wasn’t reading the blog when Mr. Boogers passed. When I saw the heading for 2009 today, I just couldn’t read it because crying at work is frowned upon.

    • Marshall is my fave but, man oh man, Mooch has really climbed up there to be my #2, with Blaster at #3. If I could, I would snatch that trio in a heartbeat!

  6. awwww… what a great video! this batch of babies is so cute! I don’t even know how you can stand it!

    • It certainly is! He’s the skinniest, lightest one of the bunch, with the loudest voice at snack time!

  7. That video was adorable! We just LOVE Gilbert and Grant. Here’s to hoping those two are adopted together because every home needs two orinch boys!