Kara & babies – 7-1-08

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Tomorrow, the kittens go to be spayed and neutered. Poor little monsters, they have no idea what’s coming!

Just waking up.

Zoe in the sun.

Just hangin’ around.

Kara’s looking for love in all the neutered places.

Maxi does not approve.


2007: No entry.
2006: No entry.
2005: For the most part Mister Boogers left the kittens alone, though Oy kept going over and sniffing at him, and he could hardly stand it, and he would growl and raise his paw to smack that kitten across the room, but then I would say “Mis. Ter. Boog. Ers.” in my Mean Lady voice, and he’d put his paw back down and walk away.


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