Kara & babies – 7-2-08

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I’m off to take Kara and her babies to the vet to be spayed and neutered. I’ll pick them up after 5 and I expect that they’ll be ready to sleep the night away, poor babies.


“We have to go WHERE?!”

“They’re gonna do WHAT?!”


Sugarbutt had been licking at his toes and caused abrasions between them. They’d get better with applications of antibiotic cream, then get worse, better, worse, and so on. At the vet on Monday, the vet realized that he had a growth between two toes (that wasn’t there before) and thought it might be a bacterial infection. They knocked him out, removed the growth, cleaned between the toes of his back feet, and wrapped them. Then they put a no-bite cat collar on him so he can’t lick at it. He’s sad and miserable, poor baby.


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