Kara & babies – 7-3-08

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I left the house bright and early yesterday morning to drop the kittens and Kara off at the vet. I put all the kittens in one carrier and Kara in a carrier by herself, and as I left the house I said to Nance “The kittens have never been in a car!” and she said “Then how did they get here… oh, right! They were born here!”

Guess what sometimes happens when kittens ride in a car for the first time, and they are very scared? Well APPARENTLY sometimes they barf. A lot. We were about five minutes away from the vet’s office when they started up, and I stopped as soon as I could in the parking lot of a gas station to see what was going on. What was going on was that there was barf all over the cat bed inside the carrier, and the kittens had tromped all through it, so they had vomit all over their paws and they were scared and LET US OUT.

I had to get in the back seat with the carrier, napkins in hand, and cleaned them as well as I could. They kept trying to climb out of the carrier (River, especially) and I had to push them in, and it was a big, barfy mess. Eventually I gave up, and drove the rest of the way to the vet’s office and warned the vet tech that they were a mess.

We weighed them (they all weigh between 3.2 (Kaylee) and 3.5 (River) pounds; Kara weighs 8.5 pounds) and then the vet tech took them off to the back to put them in cages, and I left for home.

When I walked in to pick them up that afternoon, the receptionist said that she wasn’t sure if all the kittens were done (apparently they’d had a busy day), but luckily they were (Kara was still very groggy), and I put their carriers in the back seat and headed for home. When we got home, none of the cats were up for playing – the girls all slept, Kara was weaving around like she was drunk, and River looked at me like “I could play… if I have to. I don’t have to, do I? I can just take a nap?”

Poor babies.


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