Last night Fred went upstairs to the kitten room while I puttered around for a few minutes before going up to join him. When I walked through the door, I was stunned to see that he was petting Gilligan, who really and truly seemed to be enjoying the petting. He let him do it for another minute or so before he ran off. He hasn’t let me pet him as much as he’ll let Fred, but I did get to pet him a few times. He not only let Fred pet him, he actually purred, and Spanky’s purred several times, as well.

This bunch seems to like Fred a lot more than me – I suppose it’s my payback for the fact that the Christmas kitties lurrrrved me, but were afraid of Fred.

“You may NOT touch the belleh!”

The always-annoyed Maryanne.

* * *

Sugarbutt, asleep atop the kitchen cupboards. I call him my kitchen witch.

“Okay, enough of the flashy-flashy, lady. There’s canning to be done!”


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