This picture cracks me UP, because it’s quintessential Fred, lumbering around like a dork, trying to catch a chicken so he can hold it and pet it and love it and squeeze it.

* * *

It amazes me that a month after we got the kittens, we’re still slowly making inroads with the skittish ones. Yesterday I was sitting in the kitten room petting Tina Louise when Gilligan came over to the cat bed nearby, laid down in it, and looked at me like, “WELL?” He let me pet him for a long time before he decided he was done with me and ran off to play.

Spanky did the same thing at some point yesterday. They’re still skittish, and if you reach out for them when they’re running by, they scamper a bit faster away from you, but the fact that they let us pet them is HUGE, and I honestly didn’t think we’d ever get to this point.

There’s hope for them yet!

Tina Louise will likely be going to the pet store tomorrow. Y’all think good thoughts in her direction so she gets adopted fast, won’t you? I don’t want to see her still there on Monday morning!

Tease. She presents the belly, but won’t let you touch.

Gilligan looks SO much like Spot in this picture. That’s a total Spot look on his face.

Mister Suspicious.

* * *

Tommy’s favorite place to hang out is on Fred’s bed. If you see him and go in to greet him, he starts rolling around on the bed.

He may praise de lawd a little.

And then he just settles down and gives you the sexy eyes.


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