6-25-15 Thursday

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Here’s a little bit of a Throwback Thursday for you. I found this picture on my iPad yesterday.

Awww, it’s Roseanne and Skelton in the wall basket, atop their bed of teddy bears. It was taken on May 13th. They were so LITTLE!


You have to look closely to see him through the door, but please admire Carlin, who was the first to start climbing the screen door.

Then Rickles was like “I can climb higher than you!” Lucy sat at the landing and watched disapprovingly.

Carlin gave up and retreated to the bottom stair, but Rickles kept climbing while that canvas picture of Newt looked on.

Rickles reached the top, only to find out that there was no way out up there.

Rickles started climbing back down, while Gilda began the climb to the top. She was pretty sure she could figure out a way out.

Rickles just hung there, and Gilda decided she didn’t want to climb to the top after all.

Later, I opened the door and let the kittens out.

Louis was all ~FLOOF~ and ~HISS~ at Jake, who ignored him.

Then Louis was all “Wait! Where ya going?!”

Gilda was very very floofy.

And Stefan got all up in Carlin’s grill, and Carlin was like “Hi, Mister!”

Then Stefan pinned Carlin and bit his neck, and Carlin said “Okay, I guess we’re doing this!”, and I said “STEFAN” and Stefan let go and walked away.


Jake through the window.


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6-25-15 Thursday — 13 Comments

  1. Rickles: beanpole extraordinaire — can’t wait to see more scenes from close encounters with the perm kind!

  2. I laughed out LOUD at the picture of Rickles hanging there all “…little help here…”.

    At first I thought Uncle Stefan was cleaning Carlin…Gandalf used to bite on Malcolm’s neck when he was a kitten when he disapproved of Malcolm’s shenanigans.

  3. Heh, I can appreciate that Stefan likes to set those rascals straight right from the moment he meets them: “I’m the boss here, see. Don’t even think about takin’ one of my prime nappin’ spots. Or ANY nappin’ spot, for that matter, kid.”

    (I also like that he immediately lets go when the REAL boss says his name, heehee.) Hopefully, Baybee Carlin will encounter one of the more kitten-receptive Permies who will show him the ropes. 🙂

    • I bet you he was telling Carlin that no matter what the news said, there was NOT an opening to be had at Crooked Acres for a new kitty..

  4. love it when the kittens floof at the adults, the adults walk away and the kittens are all “wait – but I’m scary – come back here” MOL

  5. Carlin is packed with personality. Too bad I live on the West Coast, I would grab him and tell my other two to put a sock in it, he is here to stay,

  6. Did Rickles climb down by himself or did he hang there and wail pathetically until you rescued him?

    • I could almost hear him calling out, “Mom? Hey, Mom! I’m stuck!” And I’m sure that’s why Gilda decided she was done climbing!