6-23-05 – Mia & babies.

What a difference five weeks makes, huh?


Now (well, last week):

Have those babies grown, or what? How about this:



They grow so fast. Her eyes went from that gorgeous blue to green, and I didn’t even notice it happening!

* * *

Not every night, but every few nights, I give the kittens a can of kitten food. It’s a nice change from the Science Diet Kitten they get all the time, and they seem to really like it. I open the can, put the food on a couple of plates, and they all stop what they’re doing to come belly-up to the trough.

I love the way Miss Flossie can’t quite seem to decide which plate she wants to eat off of.

She’s in kitty heaven.

And once they’re done eating, they sit around for the next half hour and lick their lips.

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