8-15-18 Wednesday

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Thank you all so much for your kind words about Stefan. I know you guys loved him a lot too, and hoped as much as we did that he’d pull through this illness. I’m glad that we had these last few weeks with him to shower him with love – and annoy him – and let him know how much we loved him. He’s left a huge hole in the house, even though he was never a very vocal or loud cat.

I think that Archie misses his nemesis. He’s spent a lot of time stomping around the house looking in all the corners. Yesterday morning I was in the bathroom blow-drying my hair when I heard his loud, demanding meow outside the door. I opened the door and he stomped into the bathroom, looked around, let out another loud meow, and went back out. I’ll be interested to see if he chooses another nemesis; I’ll let y’all know of any developments.

This has been an awful year to be an Anderson kitty. Losing Dennis in November, Joe Bob in December, Maxi just three weeks ago, and now Stefan puts it right up there with 2015, wherein we lost Corbie, Miz Poo, Sugarbutt, Tommy, and Gracie between January and August.

Honestly, I feel like we’re owed a few years with no losses, even as I cast a nervous eye over our remaining aging population. (They’re all in good health, thankfully, so maybe we will be lucky. Fingers crossed.)


Kittens from above.

Calais is just such a striking girl.

Sweet Miss Millie. If this girl could spend 24 hours snuggled up on my shoulder, she totally would.

Otis is pretty snuggly, too.

Oh, that Moop. Isn’t he something?

Moop AND Otis together might be just too much cute (I love the way Otis’s whiskers nearly touch at the ends.)

Otis and Arundel get their snuggle on. These kittens all just completely adore Arundel, and she loves ’em back. AND she loves to be held and snuggled by the humans. She’s a well-rounded girl.

Calais again. Is she not an incredibly striking girl?

Dexter has a thlurrrp and a think.

Buxton’s all “What you DOIN’, weird lady?!”

One more shot of Calais from above. Please admire the flame on top of her head.

Bethel, slightly annoyed.

Eliot, skeptical.


Khal, checking out the monkey grass.


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8-15-18 Wednesday — 16 Comments

  1. Yeah, had a feeling Archie would mourn Stefan in some way.

    Please hug him for me. If he allows it.

    Again feeling the. Eed for more permies news. Kittens are cute but the permies, well, they’re not ours but we care.

    • Maybe it was one of those ‘I love to hate you’ relationships. You know, sorta like a soap opera.

  2. I read your blog every day, usually before 6:30am. It starts my day. Your writing and photos have helped me get through some very tough times in my life. Not exaggerating – its true. Yesterday morning I couldn’t go to the blog. I knew what it would be and I knew how heartbreaking it would be. I couldn’t get it out of my head though, and I read and cried through it a few hours later. It is a beautiful piece. You can feel your love for that ornj boy in every word and picture and you can see how much he loved you guys. Thank you Robyn and Fred. You are both amazing.

  3. Archie stomping. The visual… Aw, poor little man, he misses his frenemy! 🙁

    I just noticed how different their eye colours are – the tortie ladies seem to have developed green eyes, and the tabby/marshmallow crosses are more grey/blue. Oh, and Dexter’s are golden hued. And of course, Moopers is all Moop coloured. Awesome.

    Wow, Khal is all manly man.

  4. It is never a bad year to be an Anderson kitty. Are you kidding?! They hit the kitty lottery when they come to live with you. They may not stay long enough, but they know multiple lifetime’s full of love and happiness with you.

  5. Ugh. I knew it had been a lot of losses, but I had avoided counting them up. Having lots of cats sure increases the odds for a whomp of heartbreak in a short time (looking sternly at my four…). My heart goes out to you and Fred.

    (Will be interesting to see if Archie is more or less aggressive to the dish towels…)

    Also, the torties in this batch-o-fosters are particularly gorgeous. Sigh…

  6. Too short a time with the Andersons is worth decades with 99.9% of everyone else. You two are superior in every respect. I’ve learned so much from you over the years — and well beyond the crucial fact that dinosaurs can’t eat pizza. Thank you for sharing your peaceful kingdom with us. Also, I believe Archie has let it be known that his new slogan is “A dish towel in every room!” (Just kidding. But were that the case, I’ve no doubt you’d make it so.)

  7. I agree with the above, any cat would be lucky to live with you guys! I just ADORE Ms. Eliot. And it strikes me that Bethel is turning into a very exotic looking and gorgeous young cat!

  8. Robyn and Fred, so sorry for all your recent losses. It never gets easier. But you can take some comfort from knowing that you gave all of them the best life possible. I thought when I lost 3 babies 3 Decembers in a row, that it was more than I could take. When each one leaves, they take a part of your heart with them. But then along come the kittens to help fill your heart again. Nothing can replace those you have lost, but helping more cats gives meaning to their passing.

  9. Going through Stefan withdrawals but enjoying the kitten pics (that Moop has wrapped me around one of his toe beans) AND THEN the picture of Khal Drogo flashed across the screen! That boy just took my breath away! So majestic!

  10. Talk about bad reminders, it’s been five years since we lost the Tommy.

    That was another serious sucker punch.

  11. I was wondering, now that you live in the “city” and have that fancy fence, however will the wanderers find you? Will Fred have to find them on his treks through the countryside?

  12. Each loss is so painful. I had two within 6 months and that left my heart splattered on the floor. 5 in less than a year….I cannot imagine. I truly send you both many many huge hugs and deep felt sympathy. 🙁

    As for the kittens….mercy, I still can’t pick. Moop for sure, Bethel…Otis…Millie, Arundel, Calisas, Buxton, Dexter…. I think I need them all. I would literally have to sit in your foster room, play with them and try to pick…I guess I would pick the one(s) that picked me!