8-7-18 Tuesday

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Saturday morning was bath time for Moop, Calais and Millie. After they were bathed and were in the bathroom drying, I took the camera upstairs in hopes of getting a few pictures of Moop. The lighting in that bathroom is awful, however, and somehow I managed to set my camera on black and white, and I got this picture, wherein he looks like he’s in an old horror movie.

And then I got this, where he looks better but the walls appear to be a mustard color (they’re actually a grayish color).

(His little TEETH.)

Then I gave up and put the three bathed kittens back in the foster room.

“She tried to give me a BATH, but I was all POW-POW-POW YOU AIN’T GONNA BATHE ME, LADY!”

“I bet I could POW-POW-POW her too!”
“You totally could!”

Millie and Dexter gave me the Eyes of Judgement.

Kittens (in this case, Otis, Arundel and Eliot) gathered.

They posed (Otis, Arundel and Buxton).

Knowing I’d never get a shot of all 9 kittens, I tried to be happy with getting a picture of 6 of them.

“All 9 of us in one picture is a good dream to have, lady, but don’t hold your breath.”


9 little kittens, all in a row!

And again, this time with all their little faces showing!

And one more time!

Mission accomplished!


Jake’s all “That’s right, I’m fabulous. Haters gonna hate.”


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