Really, here at Crooked Acres, it’s sometimes best to just look the other way, and not ask aaaaaaany questions.

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Word came down from upon high yesterday that there’s room for Spanky and Gilligan at the pet store. They don’t do adoptions on Wednesday or Thursday, so I’m waiting until mid-morning on Friday to take them down. No need to have them there, in a cage, when I can sneak in one more day of petting and sweet-talking them, right?

I’m very interested to see if there are any changes in the personality of the pretty, pretty Maryanne without her two brothers around to run interference between her and the humans who only want to pet and snuggle with her.


He’s so cute, I just want to squeeze him.


I put the carrier in the kitten room so they’d get used to it, and they thought it was the COOLEST THING EVER.

* * *

::gag:: “That’s not liquid candy, it’s DISH SOAP!”

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