Pictures from around Crooked Acres.

Dinner: Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella cubes, oven-fried okra and green tomatoes, black-eyed peas, corn on the cob, squash casserole. HEAVEN.

The absolute, hands-down BEST chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever made. Easy, too – also? From Cooking Light. Which means it’s GOTTA be good for you, so don’t just eat one. Eat six! Honestly, when you can make something this good in half an hour of work, there’s no excuse for buying and eating that prepackaged stuff they sell at the grocery stores.

Some fine-looking tomato sauce, made over the weekend by yours truly. I just need to run it through the food processor (I cannot abide tomato chunks in my tomato sauce) and strain it to get the seeds out, then it’ll be ready for the freezer.

Canning done over the weekend: pickled okra, pickled jalapenos, pickled cucumbers. YUM.

Housewarming gift from my sister. How’d she know I like cats? It’s a mystery! (Flour sack dish towels are the BEST. So are SISTERS!)

The chicks absolutely adore anything that comes with seeds in it. We’ve been feeding them a lot of (not-quite-ripe) cantaloupe lately, and tomatoes we find laying on the ground. They eat the entire insides out, and leave the husk. If we’re not quick enough with giving them more, they’ll eventually eat the husks, too.

The black-eyed peas have really taken off.

Japanese eggplant.

::bzzt::bzzt::bzzt:: “Pardon me, ma’am, just doing my job…”

Okra bloom, and some okra, ready to be cut.

Maxi, guardian of the garden.

What with all the sunflowers falling over, Fred decided to cut them down. I told him to bring me the best blooms, and I put them in a vase.

He brought a little more than sunflowers, though.

“Hellew, Clarice.”

“Lady, if I might inquire: what the heck? I was just basking in the sun contemplating finding an insect for my dinner, and suddenly I’m in a place where it’s cold and dark and I can’t find my web ANYWHERE.”

* * *

“Boog-GIE, move over! I wanna be in the picture, too! Mooooom! Make him move over!”


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