8-2-17 Wednesday

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Oh, that Chip. Such a sweet little face.

“Who, meee?”

There might have been a feather teaser up there, teasing Gaston.

Chip and Ressler in and on the Ripple Rug.

Sweet Gaston. That boy is starting to think that perhaps HE is da BAYbee, and is telling me about it more and more often lately.


Gaston, lookin’ grumpy.

Ressler in the sun, with allll the toys.

To answer the main question I’ve gotten about the Ripple Rug – I don’t know if adult cats can fit through the holes or not, because they seem to be mainly interested in laying on top of it and poking their paws through the holes at the kittens or toys. The holes in the center of the rug are big enough that I think adults should be able to fit through (depending on the size of the adult, obviously), but I can’t swear to it since I haven’t seen any of them attempt it. The rug is actually two pieces – the base is just a solid rug with no holes in it, and the top piece is the one with the holes in it, and has pieces of velcro in the bottom. So you could set it up with “tunnels” for the cats to crawl through if they desire.


Video! Chip meeting Uncle Dennis. Uncle Dennis, not impressed.

YouTube link


“NO, I don’t wanna come in and cool off, lady. You got KITTENS in there, I can smell ’em from here!”


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8-2-17 Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. Wow, fantastic whiskers on Chip.
    I think you may have the wrong link for the vid. I am getting a cute vid of someone doing Yoda/Bunny ears with their two meezer cats.

  2. Well! That was rude, Unca Dennis! Don’t you know Chip is the Social Director and he was just coming to greet you?

    (Love how Chip immediately flattens himself when Dennis exercises his right to use the slappin’ paw!)

  3. I am a little disturbed by that video. When did Dennis stop being a kitten and start being old enough to tell kids to get off his lawn?

    I still think of him as “the kid.”

    They grow up so fast..