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Ciara’s trying to decide who she’s gonna cut.

2011-08-02 (4)
“Maybe I’ll cut this bratty little Spice for flipping over the Ham-mick.”

2011-08-02 (2)
“Maybe I’ll cut the Ham-mick for letting itself be flipped over.”

2011-08-02 (1)
“Maybe I’ll cut YOU.”

2011-08-02 (3)
“Yeah, you. You look like you deserve it.”

Evil thing. (Except that she totally isn’t – she’s a complete sweetheart!)

2011-08-02 (6)
Sleepy Clove.

2011-08-02 (7)
That cat hair on the couch behind Clove horrified me enough that I immediately got up and ran the Fabric Sweeper over it. Nas-TAY.

2011-08-02 (5)

2011-08-02 (8)
Cilantro, sharpening her claws in the front room.

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2011-08-02 (9)
When Sheriff Mama (Kara) is asleep in the house instead of in the back yard keeping an eye on things, you know it’s GOTTA be hot!

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8-2-11 — 11 Comments

  1. I know what you mean about the cat hair — you don’t even see it until it’s in a photo or someone comes over!

  2. Lol cat and dog hair all over this house!, unless its within 5 mins of me vacuming
    My eldest son said to me yesterday “Jet didnt shed this much hair did he?” refering to our first GSD,as he picked Prince’s( our current GSD) hair of his black work T shirt. Oh yes he did but the house was bigger and it disapeared into corners and I was fitter and did more cleaning….Isnt it true though the white cat lays on the dark stuff and the black cat lays on the white stuff!! tho’ at the moment they are both on my cream duvet snoozing what a hard life ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey Robyn, I’m the one who asked about the flip-top shoe box a couple of weeks ago and guess what? After I commented, I took out the trash and my neighbor was throwing out a flip-top shoe box. It was clean and all, so I brought it inside and put in on the bed.

    Elapsed time from that to a cat inside the box? Less than a minute! It’s been about two hours now, and both cats have sniffed at, sat in, laid in and rubbed on the box a lot.

    What a hoot! I love coincidences! I may not have never noticed the magic of flip-top shoe boxes if you hadn’t posted that photo, so thanks!

    • I agree – I popped one out after that article and I have since seen two of them sleeping in it. That’s very good since my cat’s are so stodgy about new things.

  4. I love the way baby Spice is just lounging away comfortably on the flipped Ham-mick while Ciara goes on her trash talk rant.

  5. This is totally TMI, but last night I was soaking in the tub (bruises from furniture moving) and Mo-the-cranky-one came and sat on the edge of the tub. I rubbed my wet hand down his back and game away with so much hair that I had to change the bath water. omg I am buying a kitty brush today.

  6. You know the saying about no outfit being complete without a few cat hairs?! Same goes for furniture, and I figure it’s pretty much love me, love my cat hair too for those dropping by and experiencing the fur coat!! I’m only paranoid about floating hair in the kitchen…
    We have cats who match any clothing or furniture, too!

  7. Love the whole which-one-shall-I-cut? sequence, the last picture (and caption) in particular — even though Ciara is clearly such a precious little pacifist! Does Clove ever canoodle with Corbie or Kara? That would be a lot of brown-tabby bliss.

  8. Awww Ciara is adorable with a most interesting expression! LOL! Yay!!! Hugs to the super cute Spice Girls!! Awww sweet Kara! Take care in this heat everyone! x

  9. I don’t know what it is, but Kara is one of the prettiest cats ever. I think it’s something about her face.