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2011-08-01 (9)
When I first got the Spice Girls, Cori was a bitey little thing. She’d bite and bite with her sharp little teeth, and OH was it annoying (and painful). But she has turned into the biggest lovebug in the last couple of weeks. All she wants to do is sit on your lap and be petted, and she never bites any more. She’s a lovah, not a biter.

2011-08-01 (8)

2011-08-01 (7)
Clove and Ciara, playing with one of the many packing straps floating around the house.

2011-08-01 (5)
Cilantro, biting the ham-mick.

2011-08-01 (6)
Cilantro and Cori, fighting. (Also, we have too many shoes in this house.)

2011-08-01 (4)
She’s ALWAYS giving me this look. Fred says she looks smug. I think she looks like she wants to cut me.

2011-08-01 (3)
Sweet Miss Clove.

2011-08-01 (2)

2011-08-01 (1)
All fosters in this house eventually love to hang out by the back door.

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2011-08-01 (10)
No longer a tiny thing, Alice is on her way to being portly. One good thing, though – remember when we first got her, and she was always making that wheezing sound? And then we took her to the special vet so they could knock her out and stick a tube down her throat to see what was what? And they found nothing but a little scar tissue? Well, she’s not making that wheezing sound any more at all! Fred thinks it might come back in the Fall. We’ll see. At least she’s not sounding like she’s at death’s door any more!


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8-1-11 — 7 Comments

  1. Good for Alice! She is getting portly! LOL

    Um….she does look like she wants to “cut you”. I’d be careful…maybe extra treats her way???

  2. Beautiful Ciara just disapproves!! LOL!! Awwww yay for the Spice Girls too! Alice is just lovely – happy and settled! Yay! Take care

  3. *cuddles the kittens, and the no-longer-teeny Alice* Aww. Hi kitties… including the disapproving Ciara, meep! XD

    You are making me desperately want to keep Cori, good gosh. I only wish, you know?

    Just out of curiosity, whatever happened to Ike, the teeny little orange? I think he was orange? temporary fosterling who was so sweet and purry? I know he was fostered by another Challenger’s House person after he left you, but he must’ve been adopted by now, right? For that matter, what happened to the two little brother and sister kittens, Sooty and Sweepie I think? that you were temporarily watching?

  4. Wow, we have been away a long time – they are so big now! And oh they are so cute – although yeah, we do agree that Ciara certainly looks like she is ready for some kind of fight. And that is great about Alice not wheezing anymore – hopefully it won’t return in the fall, but it does sound like some sort of allergy thing so who knows.

  5. So, to be nosy, does Fred love the kettehs as much as you, or does he just love you awfully much??

  6. You can’t have a portly Alice, the other girls will giggle and point at her! (says the mother of a “large” Sam.) And Ciara doesn’t look like she wants to cut you, she just looks so, so diappointed…like her humans just keep failing to meet her expectations…not that I’d know what that looks like…:)