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Didn’t I tell you that everyone loves that Super! Awesome! shoe box?

2011-08-03 (1)
Cilantro and Cori, in and on the box.

2011-08-03 (2)
Alice patiently waits her turn (which is very much NOT like Alice).

2011-08-03 (3)
Cori and Cila do their daily inspection of the box (safety first!) (Note Alice’s paw in the lower right corner of the picture.)

2011-08-03 (4)
Are the peek holes clear? Apparently so!

2011-08-03 (5)
Alice has just about lost her patience – not that she had a firm grasp on it to begin with, you understand. But she IS working on her anger management…

2011-08-03 (14)
So she takes her annoyance out on a toy mouse instead. Good anger management, Alice! (Poor toy mousie.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-08-03 (6)
::thlurrrrrp:: Admit it – that little spotted belly is about the cutest thing you’ve seen today, isn’t it?

2011-08-03 (7)
“Maybe I’ll cut HER….”

2011-08-03 (8)
All the Spice Girls (and Ciara, for that matter) are snuggly little snugglers.

2011-08-03 (9)
Ciara’s making a mental note to add Cila to the Cut List.

2011-08-03 (10)
Oh, Ciara. SO annoyed by EVERYTHING.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Sunday, I went out and cut a bunch of fresh catnip, which I tied together and hung in the closet to dry. Without realizing it, I dropped several pieces on the floor. All the ‘nipheads in the house knew about it pretty much instantly, and before I knew it, they were gathered in the kitchen to get hiiiiiiiiiigh.

2011-08-03 (11)

2011-08-03 (12)
Newt’s like “I don’t know what they’re doing, but I disapprove.”

2011-08-03 (13)
Spanky just eats the catnip. The rest of them roll around on it and sniff it, then roll around some more. Miz Poo is a mean drunk, and smacks at anyone who gets too close to her when she’s hiiiiiigh. (Okay, truthfully she does that whether she’s high or not.)


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8-3-11 — 12 Comments

  1. Cracks me up to see cats loaded on catnip! My Gandalf is a mean drunk too, that’s why I’ve just said no to ‘nip in this household.

    Is Alice still in love with her Daddy? Or have the sullen teen years crept in?

  2. Ha! Love to see cats rolling around in that euphoric haze! We used to make a game out of walking in the house with a handful of fresh ‘nip and seeing how long it took for the 2 cats we had about 15 years ago, to show up. Never very long, even when they were sound asleep upstairs! Mabel, also a tortie, tends to be a mean drunk too. Lizzy loves it, but Ellie can’t see the point of it. I haven’t tried the fresh ‘track-down’ with these 3, sounds like fun on a summer afternoon.
    When we were kids, my brothers loaded up our pet marmalade cat named Joe with fresh catnip. He got so rambunctious he tore through the living room and decided to jump at the wall at the doorway, and left at least a yard-long scratch right through the paint to the drywall on his way down. Needless to say, we thought it was hilarious, but Dad was NOT amused!

  3. Those nipheads are the funniest thing ever!The Blues Brothers look hilarious all stretched out,just enjoying the high.It always amazes me how some cats aren’t affected by catnip at all,and others go absolutely nuts for it.My Siamese lady,Ogies,turns into a kitten when she gets some,and Frankie (the eldest boy) also enjoys himself some ‘nip.But my 2 youngest,the twins (Stanley and Ponchos) couldn’t care less about catnip.

  4. I thought I was the only one who called cats “mean drunks” for getting smacky on catnip!

    • Far from becoming a mean drunk, my younger cat becomes a clean drunk, washing his legs with wild abandon. I also use this wonder drug as a reward. Both cats get a mound of nip after nail-clipping time, even though at this point I can only nab one of the poppets.

  5. I have a question for you. Have you ever brought in a cat that was not accepted by the others. We rescued a cat last fall that was malnourished and had a bad infection from a collapsed eye. We introduced her as we always do, keeping her in a room and letting the others get to know her through the door. We have three others, two females and a very spoiled alpha male. None of them has accepted her. The one female tolerates her but avoids her when possible. The other female hisses and bats at her all the time [although she never gets close enough to make contact.] The male will lick her one minute and chase her the next. He was aggressive so many times that she doesn’t trust him and even when he appears to be playing she takes the defensive. She use to sleep with my husband until Willie let her know the bedroom is his domain. Now she sleeps under the chair unless one of us is around and she is glued to our lap. Will they ever accept her?

    • I have had two for 12 years, and they’ve never really gotten along. They don’t fight that much anymore, so that is something.

      Things that have helped: making sure there are more than enough litterboxes. The rule of thumb is one for each cat plus one. I have four for my two cats. Three just wasn’t enough. I also feed them within sight of each other, so they associate each other with something good. I give them catnip in different rooms, however, because that drug tends to lead to fights. In good weather, I make sure I have at least two windows open, otherwise there are fights for windowsill space.

      Also, I make sure that I pay extra attention to each one individually during the day. Sweetpea *loves* to be brushed, so that’s what I do. Fuzz loves to go for walks (on leash), so I take him for daily walks. That seems to help the jealousy. When they seem mellow, I will give them treats together, making sure to pet them equal amounts. Finally, I set up elevated beds for each one in the rooms I spend the most time in. Sweetpea likes soft beds, so she has elevated soft beds. Fuzz doesn’t like soft beds, so he has an elevated cardboard boxes on which to snooze. Since Sweetpea likes boxes but doesn’t like sleeping on cardboard, there is absolutely no conflict over beds.

      They seem to have worked out a lot themselves. Sweetpea owns the bed, but allows Fuzz to jump up on it for morning pets. Fuzz owns the back door and basement door areas and Sweetpea doesn’t care. Sweetpea owns the living room, but lets Fuzz walk through it. Fuzz owns the kitchen and Sweetpea is scared of the kitchen (long story). They share the food and water area and the bathroom when I’m in it.

      I wish they were buddies, but I’ve settled for lack of fighting and tension. Hope this helps with your crew.

  6. Yay for the shoebox and the fresh catnip!! LOL!!

    Awwww Ciara is so so so so so funny with her expressions of profound disapproval! LOL! take care

  7. Na na na NA na! I have a SUPER! AWESOME! box of my own now. Na na na NA na!

    (Thanks again for letting me know about them, Robyn!)

  8. Ciara looks like a funny smell just went up her nose.
    Do kittens react to the catnip or do they have to be a certain age to care for it?
    And Rosalie, DB is right, if they can get to the ‘not shedding each others blood’ stage then I say be happy with that. I recently took in an 8 yr old male and my other two boys (1.5 & 3.5 old)are still sorting themselves out. There’s been no blood yet but there has been hissing and the odd scamper up the hall way. One day at a time, yeah?

  9. Maybe Ciara is fed up with the papparazzi; I mean, a girl couldn’t even be BORN without the world snooping in! 😉