8-3-17 Thursday

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Frankie news: he’s going to the vet today to have the rest of his teeth pulled. Right after I posted a couple of weeks ago that he was doing great, he started yelping when trying to yawn and sometimes while eating. A visit to the vet showed that his mouth is getting worse again, and our wonderful vet worked Frankie in for today.

It’s going to be a big surgery, but I expect that Frankie will come through it just fine. I really hope that it fixes the problem – from what I’ve heard, it almost always does.

I know that some of you are wondering how he’ll manage to eat. Right now, he gets blended canned food every morning and night, and he also gets some Babycat in addition to the regular kibble the cats eat. If he has any problem with eating, we’ll make sure to remedy that. I mean, you guys know Fred – I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to hand-feed Frankie 75 times a day.

I will, of course, keep y’all updated.


“Hallo!” Chip in the Ripple Rug. Have I perhaps mentioned that they love that thing?

Ressler with all the toys. That boy cracks me up!

Gaston in mid-leap. I love the wide-eyed “What is going ONNN?!” look on Ressler’s face.

Chip’s all “I’VE GOT IT!!!”

So close!

“No, I’ve got it!” said Gaston. (He didn’t either.)


Video! Chip is hangin’ with Uncle Frankie (and by “hanging with” I mean “watching Uncle Frankie play.”)

YouTube link


Kara, snoozing atop the cabinet over the washer and dryer, where the kittens can’t bother her.


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  1. Is there enough in Frankie’s fund to cover this? Cause we will help more if he needs it! <3 to him and you and Fred!

  2. Boy, for just a second my heart stopped. I was so afraid when I saw the picture of Frankie come up like that. Then I saw there were no dates and the ticker started back up again. You know I cannot take that kind of stress! (just teasing). I hope this does the trick for Frankie. I love that guy so much. He just seems to take it all in stride and still plays and gets along with the gang. Love him.

  3. I feel for Frankie ๐Ÿ™ If the surgery (god forbid) doesn’t fix the problem, can he not just stay on a dose of steroids indefiniteley?

  4. Good luck Frankie!!! We are pulling for you and hope this fixes the problem so no more owies when you eat!

  5. Poor Frankie. We had a cat that had to have her teeth removed. She had been born with tooth issues. And slowly had to have teeth removed. She refused to eat the soft cat food. She gummed the dry food and lived for 23 years. She was such a wonderful family member.

  6. Good luck, one and all. I’ve heard of cats, having all their teeth removed, and *insisting* on eating kibble only! No matter what else they were offered. Cats can be resilient — not to mention stubborn. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Oh Frankie, I so hope that this takes care of things. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery and I know you have lots of volunteers to handfeed you if need be.

  8. Poor Frankie. That said, Tim did very well after losing all of his teeth and went back to eating dry food. And Izzy (our former foster) is doing well being toothless as well.

  9. Poor Baby, I hope he will do well. One of our cats had to have her teeth removed, but she did just fine with blended cat food. We added some organic unsalted chicken stock (I often made unsalted broth myself, when I was boiling chicken for salad or pot pie) or clam juice you can buy at the super market to make it more soupy, and she would gobble that right up. That poor boy sure has his share of problems, he is so lucky he found you.

    • I’ve actually canned unsalted broth for the cats. It’s funny just how much they love it! I hadn’t thought of clam juice, but we do have a bottle of it (I have no idea why!), we’ll see if he likes that. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • You can also get the Herb ox broth with no sodium. It comes in packets so you can just add one to the canned food or existing broth for a richer flavor.

        And if he doesn’t like it, it’s handy to have on hand. I’ll sometimes sprinkle it on chicken when I’m braising or doing a casseroley thing.

  10. Poor Frankie! But I’m sure he’ll do fine – because he’s lucky to have found you and Fred! Maybe especially Fred! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Thanks everyone for your good wishes! The vet called a little while ago. Frankie came through surgery just fine, and Fred can go pick him up in a couple of hours!

    • Good news!!!

      BTW, assuming that we still had money in the Frankie Fund? if not, please let us know. We adore that sweet fellow.

  12. Poor Frankie. I’m sending him some healing “shouts.” Please give him a hug and kiss for me.