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Regarding the litter discussion yesterday (y’all left lots of comments about it, thank you for that!), I meant to mention two things: the Cat Attract and regular Precious Cat litters do not have any scent, but the Precious Cat DOES now come in a scented version if you want scented litter. I think it smells like lavender – so if you want the unscented version, buy the blue bag. The purple bag is scented.

Secondly, you can buy Cat Attract and Precious Cat litters (along with a lot of other kinds of litter) online at Chewy.com, and shipping is free for orders over $49. I ordered three 40-pound bags of litter a couple of weeks ago, and I can attest that shipping was FREE and the bags came, each in its own box, straight to the door (Fred was horribly embarrassed that the poor Fed Ex guy had to lug those boxes to the door, but when he said something to the Fed Ex guy, the guy just shrugged and said it wasn’t that bad. SO THERE, FRED.)

The one thing I know for sure is that there’s no one answer for everyone when it comes to litter (well, and just about everything else). What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa – I’m just thankful that we have so many choices!

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Today, just videos for you, no pictures. First, the Starks.

Racing around like the wild things they are:

YouTube link.

Brandon is NOT sharing his toy and you better BACK OFF (you can hear him growling)

YouTube link.

And lastly, Jon Snow is RUDE (kept biting my toes) and Arya had to jump in and teach him his manners:

YouTube link.

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Scorch bonding with Uncle Tommy, as long as Uncle Tommy can stand it!

YouTube link.

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9 of the 12 Permanent Residents are present for snack time. Can you spot them all? (Click here to see a larger version over at Flickr.)

(On the top of the cabinet to the left, Stinkerbelle. Most of Alice is present at the bottom of the pic. On the counter, Sugarbutt. On the floor, starting at the left and curving to the right are: Joe Bob, Jake, Kara, Corbie (by the stove), Tommy (with the red collar on), and Stefan. Miz Poo doesn’t care for snack time, Newt wasn’t around, and OVER HER DEAD BODY would Maxi rub shoulders with the peasants.)


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8-3-13 — 10 Comments

  1. LOVED the videos. I love that stage of kittenhood — so frisky and wildly playful. They almost seem “possessed” by the devil, and will get on a fast run, even try to climb the wall!


  2. Yep. We can officially call those kittens Stark raving mad … but they’re cute enough to get away with it.

    Oh, and those big boxes are why the UPS guys are always so buff. 😉

  3. The videos are hilarious. It’s been 8 years since I’ve been able to enjoy crazy kitten antics in person, and I’ve missed it terribly. It must be tough for you dealing with all that cute every day. Don’t know how you get anything done… I probably wouldn’t.

  4. I just love your description of why Maxi was not in the photo. And I am also cracking up that Stefan is right there in the middle, taking ownership of the house like he’s been there forever with others.

    Wait – there’s such a thing as a cat who doesn’t care for snack time??!!

  5. Those crazy cute Starks!! I laughed my head off at Hodor with that protracted Godzilla hover pouncing in vid #1 🙂

  6. Hi Robyn, thanks to you and all your lovely readers for all the litter advice for Atticus. 🙂 He’s less than impressed, more “dude, you had to announce it to the world I sometimes step in pee??”.

    Now if I can just get his sister Mae to stop.crapping.on.the.floor. She does it from time to time, usually when I’m at work and Her Royal Highness is displeased that her brothers have the gall to use the box. Yes, I’ve tried a second box. And yes, there are brands of litter she doesn’t like. She’s just a princess, *sigh*.

    (So happy to Stompers on the banner this morning, great way to start off my day at work!)

  7. Has anybody suggested an Anne of Green Gables theme yet? The tv version randomly came to mind the other day and I realized some of the names are unusual enough to not have been done before (Marilla, anyone?)