8-4-17 Friday

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I feel for Frankie If the surgery (god forbid) doesn’t fix the problem, can he not just stay on a dose of steroids indefinitely?

Yes, he can stay on steroids indefinitely (and if this doesn’t fix him, then that’s what we’ll do), but it isn’t ideal. Since he’s FIV positive and because steroids suppress the immune system even further, it would make him more susceptible to every passing bug, and to get sicker than the average cat. So we’re hoping that this fixes him – but if it doesn’t, then he’ll go back on the steroids and we’ll deal with it.


I guess waiting for the day when you write “getting to know their uncles AND aunties” is futile, and just not going to happen, right?

I try never to say “never,” but I cannot envision a day when any of the aunties would want anything to do with any kittens. Alice is kind of scared of kittens (they’re so sproingy and unpredictable!) I think Maxi and Kara feel like they’ve done their time, since both of them raised at least one litter (and likely more) before they were spayed.


If you wake up from your afternoon snooze, and whichever kitten on you is still dozing, do you wait for them to wake, or do you just get up, waking them in the process?

It depends on what I need to do. If I have nothing pressing to get done, I’ll just hang out until they wake on their own. If I need to get up, I just sliiide slowly out from under them and try not to wake them up.


Frankie update!

He came through surgery just fine and was happy to get home late yesterday afternoon, if a little angry that the kittens kept sniffing him. (He was especially glad to see his beloved Dewey.)

He’ll be on steroids for three days, and then will be weaned off of them so we can see what happens. I’ll keep you updated!



That boy is just utterly ridiculous.


Watchin’ birds.

They REALLY like the cat tree in my room.

Gaston seems very pleased with himself, doesn’t he?

Nappin’ Ressler.


Video! Chip, telling Uncle Dennis that he’s the baby. Uncle Dennis is quite impressed… not!

YouTube link


You know, I cannot even stand how darn pretty Joe Bob is. Obviously he knows it, too, but he’s not letting it go to his head.


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8-4-17 Friday — 10 Comments

  1. Thought for a minute that Chip was going to go after Dennis’ tail tip. That could have been interesting.

    • Me too! You could almost see his thought process. “Should I… probably not.”

  2. ZOMG Squash Bugs. What an adorable bunch.

    Glad to hear that Frankie came through well!

  3. Everytime I see Ressler comfort-nursing on something, I just wanna scoop him up and coo at him.

  4. Poor Frankie. That being said, Tim has stomatitis and did great once his teeth were all gone (no steriods or anything – and he did get to keep his fangs)

  5. I’ve always loved Joe Bob’s cute little pink nose against his handsome grey and white fur. That’s such good news about Frankie! I’m so glad he’s home and feelin’ the love. 🙂

    Maybe you need to drape a kitten in ham to entice Alice into seeing that they’re really not so bad…

  6. “He used to be the baby…”


    I want him SO BAD. (Stupid rental house restrictions…)

  7. I’m feeling very confident about my long-distant buddy Frankie! (Not that he’s aware of our deep friendship…)