8-4-16 Maine Thursday

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A few more pictures I took in Maine.

My parents’ dog Molly. Isn’t she a pretty girl?

She cracks me up.

This happened while I was there. They were very excited about it. Hey, it was big news. And the new bridge is nice, I drove across it a couple of times.

Random dog when we were driving… oh, around Portland, maybe? I don’t actually remember. S/he was all “How YOU doin’?”

“I vant to be alone, human. Put that phone down, or I’ll put it down FOR you.”

My granddog, Koshinto. He was very excited.

I think “Meatball” would be a better name for him, to be honest. He’s a happy boy.

Outside the Land’s End gift shop on Bailey Island. I love that gift shop, and I love that view.

And that’s it for the Maine pictures. We didn’t spend any time at the beach this time around. I found that not having the camera with me let me relax and enjoy being on vacation, so chances are good that’s the way I’ll travel next year, too.


In case you missed it on Facebook, Willow – mother to Spruce, Juniper and Cypress – was adopted Tuesday evening, and will be going home Saturday. Yay!

Adoptions appear to be picking up a bit, and there may end up being room at Petsmart before I expected it. In preparation, I’m taking Spruce, Juniper, and Cypress to be spayed and neutered on Tuesday, so they may be going next week, depending on how adoptions are this weekend.

Hemlock won’t be ready for neutering until after August 20th, so he and Privet will be here for at least a couple of weeks longer.

(It probably goes without saying, but if anyone’s interested in any of those kittens, let me know and I’ll answer any questions you have, and send an adoption application your way!)

Spruce was all “WE MUST WATCH THE FEATHER TEASER!” and Privet was all “Yeah, yeah… what’s going on over THERE?”

Hemlock in the window.


Juniper was licking the feather teaser, and Hemlock came along to join in.

Juniper said “Um, no. This is MINE. You go ‘way.”

And Hemlock went off to pout.

Spruce LOVES that toy.




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8-4-16 Maine Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. I was in Portland this July and also visited Bailey Island and the gift shop. I bought a print of a lobster but if you looked closely it was all cats! Maine is beautiful.

  2. OMG “Meatball” totally suits him. As soon as I read that I was all “YES!” He’s adorable!

  3. Does Privet have some tortie coloring coming out? In certain photos, when the light is right, it looks like she has bands of orange mingling with the smoky black. She’s a cutie, but they all are!

    • No, she’s got some brown coloring to her, and in certain lights (in pictures) it looks reddish-orange. But she’s completely black. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m fostering for the first time. I’ve had four sweet little boy kittens for two months. I just found out we have adopters for two of them. It’s a bittersweet feeling, but if I can give them up, then hey, more kittens!

    Meatball/Koshinto looks like the very essence of Happy Dog.

    • Giving them up does suck – even when you’ve done it hundreds of times before – but watching them go off into the world healthy and confident is so worth it. And you’re absolutely right – they’ve gotta go so you can get more kittens! πŸ™‚

  5. Oh, I love seeing your step-(or half?)sister Molly! LOL! She is a sweet little face, that’s for sure. And you should be very proud of your grandpuppy too; he’s a doll of a meatball (lol, my brain said “Meathead” as I wrote Meatball)!

    Hemlock pouting! He reminds me in his mannerisms and his dealings with the other kittens of Stompers. Very good news about Willow, someone is very lucky they were chosen by that sweet Mama.