8-5-16 Friday

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Cypress keeps his eyes on – what else? – the feather teaser.

I know I mentioned in yesterday’s post that Spruce really likes this toy. Note the drop of drool on his chin. He’d been licking the toy (which has catnip in it) and he might have been a tiny bit hiiiiiiiigh.

Hemlock does his Norma Desmond impression.

That is one floof-filled basket.

For the first few days we had him, Hemlock didn’t feel well enough to play and just wanted to sit in my lap and be snuggled. I love to see him play now (and he plays a LOT.)

No one tell Juniper that Privet has the feather teaser!

I love Juniper’s possessive paw on that pink teddy bear. It’s HERS ’cause it matches her collar, you see.

Cypress (on top of the wall condo), Spruce (top shelf) and Juniper. I love this picture.


Newt loves to sleep under this cabinet in the kitchen. He was out cold!


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8-5-16 Friday — 16 Comments

  1. Everything about that Newt picture is fantastic. It made me want to crawl under there with him, kiss that back footie, snorgle that belly, and boop his nose before taking a nice long nap cuddled up to his … err…. roundness. 😀

    • Forgot to mention, you truly have a knack for displaying your house panthers for maximum merchandising effect. If I were walking down that impulse aisle, I’d be sold on each item there!

      • Agreed! They can be hard to photograph, but you do it SO well! And that picture with the three sibling Evergreens… :eyes of jealousy:

    • Agreed on all points! I call my furbots the harbor seals when they lie around like that. Especially when they have a bit of, err…roundness 🙂

    • She almost looks like she’s been electrocuted with all that floof haloing around her.

  2. The eyes on Spruce are hysterical. Yes, I would say he is a bit hiiigh !!!!

    so funny, and the picture of you and “The Floomper” on Instagram is a keeper.

    That cat is terrific !

  3. I was going to say the bear basket was my favorite photo out of these, but that last one.. on the condo/shelves.. tre magnifique

  4. That picture of the three had me thinking “photoshop”. Obviously I KNEW they were three different kitties, but they are so similar that w/o Spruce’s locket I would be hard pressed to bet they were not “cloned”.

  5. Awww, Newtles! That tummy needs to be rubbed! I’ll bet it’s nice and cool under there, on the wood floor!

  6. That pic of Cypress, Spruce, and Juniper is calendar-worthy! It’s a March picture for sure: March is the 3rd month and there are 3 kitties. March is the month of St. Patrick’s Day, and the wall (I think) is green. See? Perfection! Lol!