8-5-15 Wednesday

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Zucchini and Ambercup would like it known…


Poor Zuke – most of the time, he’s the last kitten to eat because he takes SO LONG to eat. I told Fred that I think I could feed the other three entirely and potty them in the time it takes Zuke to finish with the bottle. It’s not that he eats so much more than they do, it’s that he prefers to SAVOR his formula. He’s probably going to be a foodie when he grows up.

Pile o’ girlies (Zuke was in my lap when I took this picture, or he would have been piled up with them, too).

“Now, THAT was a good bottle! I’m totally leaving a good review on Yelp!”

Calabash would like a kiss, please.

Ambercup, ready to go back to sleep.

Rolling around in the carrier, ready to go to the vet (only Pattypan needed to go, but I took the other three as travel buddies to comfort her).

Pattypan and her wrapped-up leg. They put a piece of gauze over the drain, covered that Vetrap (the bandage that sticks to itself), and then – because Pattypan immediately started chewing at the bandage and trying to pull it off – they covered the whole shebang in tape. It was not easy to get that off her when we needed to change the dressing!

Doesn’t bother her, though!

Zuke haz a sleepy.

“Is time for more eatin’?”

Pattypan went back to the vet yesterday to have her leg rechecked. It was starting to swell up again and the results from the lab (regarding the sample the vet took from the abscess on Monday) won’t be back ’til Thursday or Friday, so we decided to add a second antibiotic to her regimen. Hopefully it’ll help – luckily, having her leg bandaged doesn’t seem to bother Pattypan, and it certainly doesn’t slow her down.



In the first, the kittens are hanging out in the tub being adorable.

YouTube link.

In the second, Ambercup is busy showing Calabash just who’s in charge, while Zuke and Pattypan watch.

YouTube link.

And in the third, Ambercup LOVES her bottle. Watch those ears go!

YouTube link.


Tom Cullen wouldn’t mind giving that kitten formula a try.


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  1. O-M-G the kittens are TOTALLY ADORABLE! (Because I am too old to pull off “Totes Adorbs” and because I am old enough to utilize and type full words.. haha) Seriously, the precious moments eyes and the head just a little too big for the body… sooooo freakin’ cute! (By the way, your tub is so clean it sparkles! Mine does that for a max of 15 min, and only right after the cleaning lady (me!) is finished.) Those little ears goin’ to town on AmberBug makes me squee! Let Tom Cullen know that I would give him all the kitten formula he wants!!! Your post, as usual, has made my day! Thank you!

    • That tub is ONLY clean because I cleaned the morning before I got the kittens. Usually, it isn’t quite so sparkly. πŸ™‚

  2. Pattypan and her wrapped-up leg – awwww poor wittle sweetie! I hope the tests come back clear!!!

  3. Wait ’til Uncle Tommy sees the little Mini-Him in the bathroom, lol. Aw, Pattypan… You should be milking the bandage for all it’s worth, and playing it up to get even more kisses and cuddles from the Weird Lady. I’m glad it doesn’t bother her though, little baby kittens should not have booboos so early!

    (On an unrelated note, I just caught sight of Alice Mo on the sidebar, and what a stunner she is!)

  4. Is that stripes/spots I see on Zuke? A black tabby? He is sure to be gorgeous in the sunshine.

  5. Tom Cullen, Quality Control Officer. heehee!

    I think these babies are going to keel me. Calabash alone is so dangerous for my health but when you pile them all together like that, GOOD GRIEF! I can barely handle it! Those teeny tiny ramrod straight tailios, and the weensy widdle feeties, plus those itty bitty mews… *dies*

  6. Calabash’s back legs, flailing around! So cute! I hope she showed Ambercup who was boss next!

  7. Cute kittens!!! πŸ™‚

    I have a question: does anyone have a recommendation for a diet cat food. Terry has really ballooned up lately. He definitely does not get enough exercise and he’s eating too much – he has recently started up with the lovely gorge and then immediately vomit on my bed trick. 😐 The exercise part can be worked on with some play time but the food…?

    • yes, put your cat on the ‘catkins’ diet.. all meat no plant.

      I feed a raw diet and my cats are of good size, except I used to give handfuls of dry food as ‘treats’ because.. seven cats. When Jack became extremely sensitive to plants in his food (he has urinary issues) I stopped the dry food and my biggest girl dropped in weight noticeably. I was about to freak out and run her to the vet for testing when I remembered I had stopped giving out the dry food and waited to see if she would lose any more weight, she didn’t.

      • Ok, I know what “raw” means, but in reference to a cat’s diet – what do you mean you feed a raw diet? What exactly do you give them? Do you prepare it yourself or purchase it? Is a raw diet even purchaseable? What do you think about the newer dry foods that are coming out with far less grain and veggies in them – are they going in the right direction or are they just marketing the same thing differently? πŸ™‚ Thanks for any answers!

        • I fed my cat a raw food diet (can’t currently afford it) You got frozen meat either in ground up patties, or just in a package that you defrost and give a spoonful at every meal.

      • Thanks for the link. πŸ™‚ Luckily he’s not quite as big as the orange dude in the litter box – yet! LOL!

    • As far as the gorge and vomit setup: my Frannie used to do that too, and I’ve switched from using a bowl to this: http://www.amazon.com/Petsafe-SlimCat-Meal-Dispensing-Blue/dp/B0018CG40O. You take the lid off, put food in, put the lid on, and then adjust the holes to control how quickly the food can be pushed out. This also helps with the exercise portion – kitties have to push the ball around with paws or nose to get the food out. It has worked wonders for us!

      • Hmm…that is intriguing, unfortunately, I think my dogs would find that intriguing as well! I may look into a timed feeder or just feed him at certain times of day. He is a free-feeder right now because he is SO LOUD when his food is low. To be honest, he is SO LOUD all the time but especially when it comes to his food.

    • Years ago, I had a female cat that gained too much weight and made her vet unhappy. I measured her dry food every day after that. She was home alone while I was at work and ate too much dry food due to boredom.

      • Took my 9yr old cat in for dental. Vet lectured me, in the front lobby, that my cat would die, die, DIE from his obesity! I cried the whole 30 minute drive home; sure he would pass at any moment. Took me 24 hrs to calm down and think β€˜hey wait, she did that wrong’. Yes, he is fat, but No lecturing in the front lobby. Needless to say, I don’t go Ms Compassionate any more. But she was right. My guy is off the treats and on portion control, just like me!

        • Fat shaming in public doesn’t sound like a very professional thing to do.

          Glad that you’re taking a tough love approach now but geez, I’d be talking to a new vet.

    • I used to torture my fatty with an enrichment toy. Took a food tube like a big water bottle or a cannister for prunes so it’s food grade plastic.

      Then cut a small hole in the side and put food in it. that way, she had to work at getting more food than the base amounts in her bowl.

  8. Welcome back Robyn and hello to the Squash Bugs!

    I have been following your blog for several years, but recently realized how much you and Fred, everyone at Crooked Acres and your readers mean to me. I just came home from a three month hospital stay – necrotizing fasciitis, septic shock…Fred could write a horror story. I got through the daily morning blood pulls and everything else by reading and re-reading Love & Hisses and all of your readers comments. It gave me something to look forward to. I don’t know if I would have made it through without you guys! Thank you! I know it has been a rough couple of months for you with the loss of Corbie, Miz Poo and Sugarbutt. Just wanted to let you know that L&H brought light, love and happiness to me when I was in a dark place. Sigh.

    • What a horrible three months for you! As part of your Love and Hisses “family”, I hope you are feeling much better.

    • I am so happy to hear you are feeling better, but it is tempered with sadness that you had to go through that. I hope that is all behind you now and never ever comes back.

    • Olivia – I’m also very sorry that you had to go through this and glad that you are a part of this community and found some positive here during your ordeal!

    • Good heavens, that is a Horror Story.

      I wish you the best in your continued recovery and I’m glad that you were able to find some joy, laughs and chuckles here.

      Even with the sorrow, I’m glad that you were part of our community/support and shared in our grief.

    • Thank you everyone for your kind words. Still in recovery but being out of the hospital feels great!

      I have been reading the posts on cat diets. My father was feeding my cat CJ while I was in the hospital. I came home to SAUSAGE CAT. He waddles. OMG

    • Oh Olivia, what a terrible experience! I’m glad L&H (and the wonderful community here!) were able to help, and I hope that you’re feeling better and are well on the way to being completely healed!

  9. Six years ago today you got my sweet Hoyt! I will enjoy reading the posts from 2009 when I fell in love with all of the True Blood kitties.

    • And my sweet, chunky (see above!) Terry. Awww…such pumpkins, they were. And, “HI!” to Hoyt’s mom! πŸ™‚

    • Oh, that litter was something else! Given how freaked out I was that something was going to go TERRIBLY WRONG after all their surgeries, I am still SO relieved that they turned out not only just fine, but really awesome adults. I always say that cats who had a rough go of it when they’re little grow up to be extra special kitties!

  10. Love how kitten ears wiggle when they eat!
    Zuke has a sleepy. Zuke also has hidden spots/stripes! Shadow Zuke! One kitty in normal light, another kitty in the right light! He could fight crime! When he learns to walk better that is. hee hee