8-6-15 Thursday

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Look, look! We have an update!

Do you recognize this little face (the kitten, that is)?

That is Gilda, who was the first kitten adopted from Lucy’s litter!

Tonya said: My daughter, Jessica, loves her kitten, Trixie the Gypsy, who does tricks and wears a black cape. Gypsy is one happy kitty beloved by her doting mommy. Gypsy has tons of toys and loves to explore but mostly she likes to purr while being petted. Thank you for letting your Gilda become our new family member.

Gilda, now Trixie the Gypsy, traveled to Arizona over the summer! She enjoyed looking out at the countryside between naps on Jessica’s lap. At night, she had fun playing at pet friendly hotels. Gypsy is the best kitty. She lives to explore!

Don’t you love seeing how happy that sweet girl and her human are together? I love it! Thanks for the update, Tonya!


Oh… did I say we have “an” update? My bad – we have TWO! Tell me if you recognize THIS little face.

Recognize him? That’s the kitten formerly known as Louis!

Michelle said: Louis is doing wonderfully well. He’s settled in beautifully. The older cat doesn’t want to play with the rambunctious youngster, but that doesn’t stop the kitten at all. He is one of the sweetest and most cuddly kittens I’ve ever come across (he’s sitting in my lap purring his head off as I type this). He’s already learned his new name and he comes when called. He understands “no” even if he doesn’t always listen, and his favorite toy is the soft fuzzy ball that came in his toy bag. Louis (now Connor) is a happy little bundle of furry canned cat energy with no off button who can eat his weight in food. He is well loved and my thanks for raising such a well adjusted little guy.

Doesn’t he look like he’s either plotting something or taking notes, here?

Clearly Connor got all A’s in Nap Training while he was here! Don’t you love seeing that sweet boy again? Thank you so much for the update, Michelle!


Speaking of The Fools, Teresa took a couple of videos yesterday of Belushi at Petsmart – playing with River! They had a great time racing around, and I’m glad River has a buddy to play with. I shared them on the Love & Hisses Facebook page, here and here.

Also speaking of The Fools, here’s a reminder that you can see George and Red (formerly Carlin and Skelton) on their Instagram page, here. You don’t have to have Instagram to see the pictures, you can just enter the address in a web browser and see them that way!


Calabash. Don’t you love the blissful look on her little face?

I don’t know what it is about Zuke’s right ear, but the girls LOVE it. They’re always trying to nurse on it, playing with it, biting it.

“Pardon me, madame, you haz a bottle for me?”

Sleepy girls (Ambercup on the left, Calabash on the right), full and ready to go back to sleep.

Zuke haz a skeptical.

“Hi, innernet peoples! Hi hi! HI!”

Pile o’ sleepies.

Calabash, watchin’ you.

Pattypan considers her next move.

Pattypan started unraveling her bandage, and got so excited about it that she had to wave her legs in the air.

Not pleased with the addition of tape to this bandage.

The light in the bathroom is awful, so I’m having a hard time getting good pictures of Zuke. Rest assured, he’s utterly adorable.

“I will defeet you, bandage.” (See what I did there?)

Oh, Ambercup. I’m pretty sure you need a kiss!

Pattypan’s leg seems to be doing well. Both Fred and I thought it looked better yesterday, but we’ll have a better idea of how it’s doing when we change out the dressing and do a warm compress later this morning.

In an illustration of how that leg isn’t slowing her down at all: I put a litter box in the bathtub with them yesterday, and then while I was feeding Calabash not 10 minutes later, I looked over to see Pattypan in the litter box, peeing – and telling me ALL about it. Such a smart little muffin!


Video! Calabash & Pattypan and their wiggly ears.

YouTube link.


“Why did I come out here? It’s HOT out here! Someone let me back inside!” Newt spends 99% of his time asleep in a corner of the kitchen. The other 1% of his time is spent eating, using the litter box, and complaining about the heat.


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8-6-15 Thursday — 15 Comments

  1. Pattypan is a GENIUS! So tiny yet already so skilled!

    In the picture “Pardon me, madame, you haz a bottle for me?”, Zuke looks like a tiny panther stalking something. Plus you can just hear the noise that Wolverine makes when he slings out his knives/claws….with the visual of this little one’s tiny knives on display!

  2. Zuke, dude, those are some tiny weapons you have coming out of your wee paws! I think they Ambercup needs a kiss from all of us. And the rest of the Squash Patch Kids for that matter.

    (Have I mentioned before that you have the most awesome.job.ever.)

  3. Love the updates. I especially loved seeing Gilda/Trixie’s human sister. She looks to be a lovely young lady and very happy. Perfect match all around. And Gilda has been on vacation this summer and I have not. How is that fair. She has looks and free vacations, how is that fair? I had a cat, my beloved Sydney, who had a slight fracture in his back leg and the vet put a wrap on it. After coming home two days in a row to find said wrap in the foyer greeting me, the vet and I decided Houdini could do without. The wrap was not really going to change anything in the healing but would make it feel a little better. BTW, $12 charge each time they wrapped his leg. Therefore Syd had a $24 cat toy after the second wrap came off. Glad to hear Pattypan’s leg is doing better.

  4. Not one but two updates, news of advanced kitten skills, cuteness galore, and adorable, sensible Newt all on one page? — priceless!

  5. Thanks Michelle and Tonya for the updates. Thanks too for the Petsmart update. Wow, those videos at Petsmart are nice to see all the room they have to play. I frequent a Petsmart near me with an adoption center, but not that huge amount of space for playtime and toys. I do go in every time I visit the store, just to socialize with the kitties. There is barely room to open the cage doors fully.

    I’ve often wondered how you keep up with who is who when you let them out to clean cages. Especially the ones who are not your fosters. Do they have kitty mug shots so you can get them back to their own cage? Now I’m just amazed with all that space they have.

  6. GREAT updates!! Looks like Gypsy has a wonderful girl to grow up with. And Louis has a furry big brother to work on. 🙂

    Poor Newt – mom says she totally agrees….the hots are terrible.

  7. Gilda/Trixie landed in the clover fields! That’s so wonderful to see how happy she and her new mommy are! Thanks for the update Tonya!

    And Louis! So stressed out in his new home – when will he ever learn to relax!? 😉

    Wow – those squash bugs really are some good eaters! I love to see them doing so well!

  8. Trixie the Gypsy & her human sister made a beautiful team! I can’t wait to see a follow up picture years down the road of these two lovely ladies!

    And our wee baybee Connor is still super smoochable! SO happy for him!

    *sigh* These little Squashers are exhaustingly adorable. I keep wanting to reach through the monitor to boop or pet or kiss them and it’s very frustrating that I cannot! I’m going to need TONS of pictures of these teeny tiny lumpkins to even come close to satisfying me. Your camera must be at the ready at all times, Robyn! Ah needs mah kitteh fix 24/7 on this batch… they have some sort of supernatural hold on meeeeee….

  9. I cannot imagine a better match for Trixie née Gilda. They look like BFF who just found each other. Look how relaxed she is in both pic’s!

    I’m glad that Connor’s new family realized that he is royalty and made sure that he has a throne/ottoman/whatever worthy of him. That relaxed sleeping in someone’s arm crook says everything.

    Pattypan is so over this bandage nonsense. And I don’t blame you Newt. it’s awful out there.

    from the comments, I think these kittens are universally considered Squashables because we just want to pick them up and squish ’em till they beep.

  10. am I the only one who wanted to see Gypsy in a cape?
    and I love that photo of Conner with his tail wrapped around his little body.

    Glad the abscess is doing better. purrs it continues to do so.

    and the lighting may be bad, but Zuke’s adorableness comes right on through.

  11. I loved to see the updates-both kittens are lucky to be in such wonderful homes!

    This new litter is absolutely adorable! Well, all the litters are adorable, but still. Your captions always make me laugh-“defeet” indeed 🙂