8-4-15 Tuesday

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So, since River went off to Petsmart, the upstairs has been quiet and empty. Dennis asks to go upstairs, and then spends the day rolling around on Fred’s bed pretending he’s an only cat.

The foster room is going to remain empty for the time being…

Because the new guys are in the downstairs bathroom!

Say hello to…

Ambercup, who is a brown and white tabby:

Calabash, white and gray:

(Her spots look black in this picture, but they’re actually gray.)

Pattypan, dilute torbie and white:

And Zucchini, house panther:

Ambercup, Calabash and Pattypan are girls; Zucchini (Zuke) is a boy. They’re about 2 1/2 weeks old, and I’m bottle feeding them, which is why they’re living in the downstairs bathroom for now; Fred is a light sleeper, and I don’t want to wake him up when I feed them at midnight.

There’s no mother in the picture – as I understand it, she was a stray who stopped, had her babies, cared for them for a while, and then moved on. They temporarily went to Eva (who has raised a LOT of bottle babies!) for a few days, and I got them on Sunday.

They eat REALLY well, which is always nice – they latch right on and go to town.

The only issue with them is a few goopy eyes – which I’m treating with ointment – and Pattypan has an abscess on her front right leg. She went to the vet on Friday and was prescribed hot compresses and antibiotics, with the instruction that if she wasn’t significantly improved by Monday, she needed to go back. So I took her back to the vet yesterday. The vet cleaned out the abscess and sent a specimen to be tested; for now I’m continuing the hot compresses and antibiotic, and she’s got a recheck at the vet later this morning. Her leg is all wrapped up, and she couldn’t be less concerned about it.

The names, by the way, are varieties of squash. I could call them collectively The Squashes, but I’m kind of meh on that. I was thinking either The Squashlings or The Squash Bugs. Thoughts/suggestions?

Pattypan’s already tired of the camera.


Seriously, can someone get that boy a valium? Archie does NOT know how to relax!


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8-4-15 Tuesday — 42 Comments

  1. The Squashlings is cute!,and poor little Pattypan hope the nasty booboo gets better fast.

    • I agree! I like the Squashlings! …. I really badly want to squash them with hugs, though, so Squash Bugs is cute, too. Who cares! No matter what you call them, they are precious babies that I’m already in love with! They’re first names are totes awesome!

  2. Eeeep teenies! πŸ˜€ Two days back from vacay and Robyn gets kittens. Now that’s dedication. πŸ™‚

    I like the Squash Bugs, personally. They’ll be squash bugs you won’t (hopefully, anyway) feel compelled to grrrr at! Yes, I’m remembering that picture caption from last week.

  3. What my kids call squash is Squish, and since you’re going to do that to them anyway, that’s what I vote. The Squishes. They are adorable!!

  4. Oh my gosh, Pattypan is ADORABLE. I mean, of course, they all are, but I want to squish her.

  5. Squashlings is cute! And my goodness stop causing Archie so much stress! Lol… great shot!

  6. Will you look at the scheming little faces, already plotting on how to get out of the tub… I hope you’ve given then 125 kisses each for each day they weren’t in your care.

    Personally, I call squash “gross”, but these guys are a cute bunch, so maybe The Butternuts?

    • πŸ™‚ I like the Butternuts also because you KNOW they are going to turn into little nuts running around like crazy in a few weeks time. The Squashies or Squooshies or Squashlings are cute also.

      • Butternut would be a sweet name for another kitten! I wonder if this batch will have an unexpected sibling show up later, like Norbie & Carlin did. That would be lovely!

        • I had a similar thought – Butternut would be a really cute name/addition… Maybe Robyn is keeping it aside just in case somebody gets added in… since it tends to happen often?!! πŸ˜‰

          • I would be perfectly fine with adding another one or more to this litter – the more the merrier! When they’re through with bottle feeding, that is.

            For some reason, I think Butternut is a good name for an orange cat, so I’m keeping it in reserve! There can always be another squash litter if need be. πŸ™‚

  7. I was wondering if the botanical name for squash would offer some group naming possibilities, but Cucurbita sounds more like a skin disease than adorable kittens.

  8. Glad you got that couple weeks of relaxation in cos you are going to be bizzeeee for awhile. Poor Archie, you should be ashamed of yourself for working these innocent creatures to the bone. I might have to come down and rescue them.
    I like Squashlings.

  9. I like the Squashlings or the Butternuts πŸ™‚ When you are doling out kisses from me, give sweet little Pattypan an extra few to help heal her booboo πŸ™‚

  10. Glad you had a restful vacation – and you are brave, driving all that way! Also glad you are home and oh my, itty bitty kitties! Yay! Already in that first pix of the batch, house panther haz a complaint. πŸ™‚

  11. That second pic of Zuke and his huge tongue just killed me.

    I kind of like Squash Bugs. Or Summerlings, as those are all summer squashes.

    Poor Pattypan, how to you warm compress something so wee? I’d be worried I’d be burning her matchstick arm, it’s so thin!

    Ambercup is going to be the heart breaker, what a perfect little face.

    Calabash looks shifty, with her larger right eye. I bet she’s going to be the smuggest kitten of them all.

    Are you sure Archie hasn’t melted on the back porch? He looks pretty soft and liquid to me.

    • It takes two of us to do it – Fred holds her, I (gently) apply the compress. It does scare me a little, though, she’s so tiny!

  12. I wondered how long that foster room was going to be empty when you got back. Love their names and I vote for Squashlings. Hope little Pattypan’s leg is better soon. At least it doesn’t seem to bother her. That was great of Eva to take them for a little while. She’s wonderful with the bottle babies and such a great lady. Just like you!

  13. Oh good gravy, teeny little bottle babies! I like Squashlings personally — lt’s save Butternut for the inevitable addition XD Hope Pattypan gets better … and oh my are they adorbs.

  14. When I finally got the drift of the names, I said “Squishes”. They need kisses and hugs, so Squishes! They are darling little ones !

  15. OMC–so cute! I’d be hanging out in that bathroom all the time. The straggly white hairs on Zucchini’s legs just slay me.

    Maybe Squash Blossoms? We favor Squash Bugs over The Squashlings.

    We hope Pattypan’s abscess will heal quickly. Wonderful that they are eating hearty πŸ™‚

  16. I wanna see PattyPan’s little leg all wrapped up .. πŸ™‚

    in England all squashes are pumpkins, so you could call them the Pumpkins..

  17. I want to call them a pretty name for squash blossoms in another language like spanish or italian. Maybe french, flemish, whatever.

  18. You could call them Les Courges (French for the squashes)

    As long as you don’t call them The Squishes.

  19. OMG. Zuke is all kinds of serious about his bottle! Those fangs! Those little paws all stretched out! The black panther has my β™₯ heart! I like The SquashBugs. But the was a comment on FB that said the unsquashables. I like that too! Lol