8-3-16 Maine Wednesday

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I finally – FINALLY! – went through my pictures from my trip to Maine. I’ll share most of them today, and a few more tomorrow.

Connie‘s permanent resident, Kit. I just love that little smile on her face.

And Connie’s Fleurp. If you look below her chin and over to the left a little, you’ll see the dog-hair cat toy I gave Connie’s kitties. It was a big hit with Fleurp.

A brief glimpse of Eli.

I love that boy!

Connie took Jeanne (Random Felines), Kelly (Whiskers in the Window) and I for a tour of AWS, the shelter she fosters for. It is a really amazing shelter – go check out the post about it on Random Felines. Margie’s cabin houses their feral population.

This pretty boy was checking us out from a distance.

Mural in the shelter. (I didn’t take my camera with me to Maine, so all of these pictures were taken with my phone – and I didn’t always think to take pictures, honestly.)

Connie’s former foster Art3mis (mother to Connie’s previous set of fosters) is still at the shelter and available for adoption. Isn’t she a pretty girl?

One of the cats hanging out up high.

And another.

Back at Connie’s, we hung out with the kittens. This is Corrie. Her stripes are just amazing.

Posing for Jeanne.

“Whatcha doin’ down there, weird lady?”

“What? I fits!”

Max makes Happy Bear happy.

Stealin’ ears.

Are those stripes amazing, or what?

A gift from Connie – a car magnet, now on my car. And every time I see it, it makes me smile! (Thanks again, Connie!)


Eyes on the feathers.

Hemlock considers his next step.

Spruce is all “I sees what you’re doin’ there, lady.”

Privet needs to be dusted, I think.

Having captured the feather teaser, Juniper prepares it for the eating.

Here’s a video of Privet and Spruce playing. And by “playing”, I mean Privet is floomping all over the place, and Spruce is all “?”

YouTube link


“Is nappin’ time, lady. Put the camera down.”


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8-3-16 Maine Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. Spruce looks like he feels like velvet!!! Such pretty fur!!!

    Privet is a hoot and yes, she is in need of dusting!!! 🙂

    Robyn, Susan and Connie. Thank you so much for your input on 8/1. Susan, I was mistaken and the vet did give me Erythromycin. Connie, it is NOT feline herpes. I was all in a tither over that and had all my cats into the vet yesterday. $385 later, all are UTD on vaccinations (three were due at the end of this month)…and NO DISEASE at all!!! 🙂

  2. I like how someone zooms in and sideswipes Privet off her game for a second with that look on her face but then she recovers and is right back at it.

    (It’s also cute how she sees Hemlock doing his own thing and decides not to bother him.)

    • Yes! Was coming to the comments specifically to mention that. It made me snort.

      The only reason Privet needs dusting is because she’s a duster herself and just collects it all. Hehehe

  3. Aw, I love the Evergreens! And those sweet little faces from your trip made my day.

    And Dennis. Always Dennis.

  4. I love watching cats do their play fighting. I get so tickled when they hop sideways or lead with their butt. So funny. Thanks for the video. It reminds of some of my workdays and I am Spruce being attacked by Privet, my work load.

    • You were too busy looking at and ooh-ing and awww-ing over all the adorable kitties whilst wondering how many more you could adopt and not be considered insane. Perfectly understandable reason for missing it! 🙂