8-2-16 Tuesday

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“Keeping an eye on you, lady,” says Cypress.

Hemlock thinks for a moment…

Bats at the feather dangling from the little cat tree…

And leaps to the top of the tall scratcher!

Privet looks like a stuffed animal, doesn’t she?

Curled up in the window bed. So much FLOOMP.

“Okay, lady. Let’s give that camera a rest, shall we?”

Ooh, let’s see if we can’t get a good shot of the whole bunch, shall we? Privet, please come out of the square scratcher and pose with your friends.

Juniper, can you look at the camera instead of off in the distance, please?

…JUNIPER? Please?

There we go! Left to right: Cypress, Hemlock, Spruce, Juniper (front), and Privet.

The kittens had visitors yesterday morning in the form of Kristin and Arwen, who adopted Periwinkle (formerly Bert Macklin) and Patches (formerly Art Vandelay). I was very sure that most of them would hide when strangers entered the foster room, but that Hemlock would run right over and fall at their feet.

HA. Not so much!

Hemlock wanted NOTHING to do with the strangers, and even though I kept pulling him out of hiding, he’d stay for a moment and then run away. Privet also was NOPE on the stranger front, and in fact ran into the closet and hid. I expected that of Privet, but did NOT expect that of Hemlock!

Spruce was the sociable one, especially when the feather teaser was involved. Arwen got to hold Spruce several times, and even got to snuggle with Cypress and Juniper.

A few hours later, Winnie and Kathie came to see the babies, and Hemlock was a LITTLE less freaked out, and in fact would walk around the room, but he still was pretty not having this whole “stranger” thing. Spruce was out playing and purring and snuggling like a wild thing, and Cypress would purr every time Winnie said his name. Juniper alternated between coming out to check out the toy Winnie had brought for them, and hiding.

Even later – because if you’re going to test the kittens boundaries, why not test them all in the same day? – Fred took Stefan in to visit the kittens. Spruce ran over with his tail straight up in the air to sniff noses with Stefan, to rub against him, and to play a bit of the ol’ Slappy Paw. Hemlock? Well, Hemlock was interested until he touched noses with Stefan. And then he fell over on his side and hissed.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Hemlock hiss!

I have to admit, I’m a little bummed. Hemlock was so confident and friendly when I first brought him home that I assumed he’d just stay that way, somehow. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised, but I was. Hopefully with a little work (and more visits from strangers), he’ll decide that people aren’t so bad.


Oh, Stefan. SO. MUCH. STRESS.


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8-2-16 Tuesday — 16 Comments

  1. Hemlock still is the cutest thing, even if he didn’t want cuddles from us. Spruce really is a sweetheart. I could snuggle him for hours (much to his dismay).

  2. Stefan = sqqqqquuuuueeeeeezzzzzzzeeeeee!

    It is funny how they act with strangers. I was shocked that Binx wanted to run away. I have never met a more confident cat – she is ruling the big cats. But when someone came over..she was outta there!

    Spruce will get snatched up in an instant. Maybe the others were acting so that they would never have to leave Crooked Acres????? Not a bad ploy, really.

    • A video would have been priceless. LOL. And a hiss from a wee one just makes you giggles anyway!

    • I too was amused by Hemlock’s reaction when I read it in the post. But this comment from Random Felines had me loudly LOUDLY guffawing!!

      And yes, we definitely need to see video of *that*! Bring Stefan back and make Hemlock do it again, Robyn…please…

  3. Isn’t it amazing how they surprise you sometimes? that is why I love having company and seeing how the kittens react in different situations

  4. Never in a zillion years did I think I would ask THIS question but here goes.. If I send y’all a picture of a 4 week old strays’ private parts could you tell me boy or girl? My daughter has been been keeping him/her for a few days since she found her huddled by her car. No vet appointment to Friday … THANKS!!