8-1-17 Tuesday

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Happy August 1st! Is it just me, or did July zoom by? If you have a Crooked Acres Permanent Resident calendar for 2017, you will see that the calendar boy for this month is…

The beautiful Dennis!

And our Love & Hisses foster calendar girl for August is…

Kokomo, our faker (we thought she was pregnant, she was not) from early 2016. Of course it’s a good thing she wasn’t pregnant – but wouldn’t she have had some STUNNING kittens?


Isn’t Gaston delightfully stripey?

Ressler in the sun.

Chip from below. I’m not sure what he’s looking at in this picture, but he certainly looks intense.

Gaston sporting his Ears of Annoyance.

Chip, lookin’ pouty.

Chip, talking to the ceiling fan.

Sweet baby Ressler.

These kittens ADORE this Ripple Rug, which was a gift from Winnie.

Ressler (left) and Chip. I know it looks like Ressler’s collar is super tight, but I assure you that it’s plenty loose. Apparently he’s rather floofy in the neck region.

Ressler gets his dance on.

Then Gaston goes CRAYZEE.

And Chip just looks amused.

Since Belle, Agnes and Mrs. Potts went off to Petsmart on Saturday, and since Chip, Gaston and (especially) Ressler have been DYING to get on the other side of the screen door at the bottom of the stairs, on Saturday afternoon we took the screen door down and let the boys explore the house. They think having access to the whole house is pretty awesome, they’re getting to know some of their uncles, and at night I put them back into the foster room for the night (so the permanent residents can have some time without the crazies running around.) So far, so good!


Video! Uncle Dewey hanging out with Chip and Ressler (but mostly Chip.)

YouTube link


Evening treat time. Three brown tabbies, three ornj, and one gray Loon.


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8-1-17 Tuesday — 24 Comments

  1. Dennis AND Dewey! A double dose of the darling D’s! πŸ˜€

    So do the adults like the Ripple Rug or are the holes too small? I’m intrigued but not sure about pulling the trigger to buy.

    • The adults like it, but they mostly like to sit on top of it, sharpen their claws, and poke their paws through the holes. It depends on the size of the adult, of course, but there are a couple of bigger holes toward the middle of the rug that I think the average-sized adult cat would fit through. It’s not obvious from the picture, but the rug comes in two pieces – the bottom base part, and the top part with the holes in it. You can lift the top piece off and make “tunnels” for the cats to climb through. It’s really neat!

  2. Dewber, you be nice to that kitten, you caramel tummied goofball!

    Did you notice the questions about that rug on amazon? lol


    is this rug ok for a Persian or do I need a Persian rug?


    We made our Scottish Fold cat a rug using weaved Scotch tape.
    By C. Sisbarro on August 23, 2016

    I have a Maine Coon so do I have to go to Maine to buy one? I really don’t want a racoon in my house πŸ™‚
    By K on February 18, 2017

  3. I’m really curious as to what Chip thinks he’s saying to that ceiling fan. And what it could be saying in reply.

    Bless his little heart.

  4. The picture of Gaston with the Ears of Annoyance made me think of Stompers. He absolutely means business like Stomper did.

    Chip would love our ceiling fan right now. It’s squeaking and squealing so badly that he’d have a wonderful conversation with it. Both claiming to be the BAYbee and needing all the attention.

      • Well, now he’d win. When I got home from work the hubby had fixed the fan so no more talking. Thank goodness, it was driving me crazy!!

  5. Gaston is walking with purpose!

    I guess waiting for the day when you write “getting to know their uncles AND aunties” is futile, and just not going to happen, right?