7-31-17 Monday

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Khaleesi update! Khaleesi’s human is in Canada going to school and will live on campus for the first year, so Khaleesi is staying here in Alabama for the year. Alton said:

Day 1 of the three cat experiment:

Box cat has retreated to a box. (Lily)

Tree cat has taken over the tree. (Khaleesi)

Flat surface cat, having been evicted from the top of the tree, settles for the sofa. (Bubba)

(Thanks, Alton! We love seeing that sweet girl and Lilly and Bubba too!)


In case you missed it, a couple of small cages opened up, so on Saturday Belle, Agnes and Mrs. Potts went to Petsmart (it’s the one on University Drive in Huntsville, AL if anyone’s interested!) Belle is in one of the cages and Agnes and Mrs. Potts are sharing the other. I predicted that Belle would be scared, Mrs. Potts would be timid, and Agnes would burst out of the carrier and do a stroll around the cat room saying “WHAT UP, SUCKERS?!” Well, I was right on Belle – she was scared, but at least she didn’t hide in her litter box, just stayed in her bed. Agnes was not disturbed at ALL by the new setting and walked around sniffing at the other cats. Mrs. Potts surprised me – she was a tiny bit nervous, but she sniffed the other cats, checked things out, and let Kristin (who adopted Patches and Periwinkle – formerly Art Vandelay and Bert Macklin) hold and snuggle her. Word from Kathie was that Belle didn’t hide in her litter box and Agnes and Mrs. Potts were chill. None of them were adopted, but there was some interest in all three of them, so maybe they won’t be there too long.

I will, of course, let y’all know when they’re adopted.

Ressler, Gaston, and The Mouth of the South (Chip) are still here with us; they’ll go to Petsmart when there’s room for them.

These are the last of the pictures that include Belle, Agnes and Mrs. Potts.

Agnes with attitude. Agnes-tude!

Sweet Mrs. Potts.

Belle was play-fighting with Mrs. Potts and got distracted.

“Where ya goin’, Mama?”

As close as I could get to a family portrait that included Belle!

“That OTHER room looks WAY cooler. How do I get in there?!”

Sweet Miss Agnes.

With the kittens off playing, Belle took the opportunity to snooze.

Belle in the sun.

A shot of all five kittens.

And one more!


Frankie sitting on the side stoop keeping an eye on Fred: his favorite thing to do!


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  1. Khaleesi!!! She’s so pretty – good luck to Alton’s daughter and to the 3-cat experiment! Hoping Belle, Agnes, and Mrs.Potts’ furever hoomins come along quickly. Hehehehe “The Mouth of the South”! Purrrrfect…

  2. LOL… I literally snooted some of my coffee when I read “The Mouth of the South” in reference to Chip! I should know better than to drink beverages while reading your blog!

  3. An Alton update is always a joy, and may peace reign among the three. Great to hear that there’s some interest — as there should be — in Agnes, Mrs. Potts, and their mum (along with so many others, I long for quick adoptions for the mama cats). And heartbreaker Frankie is looking in fine shape indeed!

  4. “and Agnes would burst out of the carrier and do a stroll around the cat room saying “WHAT UP, SUCKERS?!”” I’m still giggling over this line. Good one, looks like it fits, too!

  5. Always glad to see the mother of dragons. And I suspect that she will be very spoiled over the next year.