7-31-16 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

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#Privet, playing. #Spruce wanted to play too! (This is from two days ago – she’s a bit less growly currently.)

#Cypress keeps his eyes on the feather teaser. That thing drives him CRAZY. #Evergreens

Insanely floofy #Privet.

#Juniper has discovered the teddy bear bed and thinks it’s quite comfy.

“What doin’, weird lady?” #Juniper

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#Cypress goes CRAZY for the feather teaser!

Haaaave you met #Hemlock?

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“Hiiii innernets!” #Hemlock

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SUCH a little #flirt! #Hemlock

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#Juniper has no time for #Privet’s nonsense.

Snuggling with #Juniper.

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#Spruce and #Privet FIGHT TO THE DEATH. (Or not.)

#Spruce gots a basket, and he’s raaaaather smug about it! #Evergreens

“This toy is AWESOME!” #Hemlock #Evergreens

Just hanging out in the teddy bear bed, feelin’ #kneady. Is there a better way to start the day?

A bird flew by and caught her attention while she was rolling around, and she froze like this for the longest time. Such a little nut, that girl. #Privet

#Cypress will have you know that he could EASILY lift that 25 pound weight, and in fact you should just toss another 25 pound weight on top of it. He’s ready to lift heavy and get some AWESOME biceps.

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Crazy times in the foster room, starring #Spruce and #Privet.

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How #Spruce plays with #Hemlock. He never realllly makes contact, but he does a lot of leaping. That boy cracks me UP.

#Privet gots the #CrazyEyes.

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#Juniper would like to know where the fun guy who hands out the treats is. #Spruce

The trackball will wear those #HousePanthers OUT. #Spruce and #Juniper need to nap it off.


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