8-9-18 Thursday

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So, remember how Scott and Debi were recently adopted together? Michelle called me the next day and asked if the kittens had ever been around dogs before. They hadn’t, which made the fact that they had NO reaction to their new doggy sibling kind of amazing. Apparently the dog was barking and the kittens were all like ::shrug::

Well, apparently they’re now BFFs with their doggy brother (I think it’s a brother, I don’t remember for sure), and things like this happen.

That is our girl Debi and our boy Scott, IN a big ol’ dog/cat bed all snuggled up with their doggy sibling. How adorable is that?!


This is how snack time happens in the foster room.

7 kittens gathered around the plate, eating.

1 Moop up on the counter with his very own plate of canned food mixed with baby food. He was just NOT gaining weight even though he’d belly up to the plate with his brothers and sisters, so I started feeding him separately, which he likes a LOT and now demands. (And which has helped him to finally start gaining weight!) Note to his future family: Sorry for creating a monster, but I needed his floofy butt to get over 2 pounds!

And 1 Arundel, in her bed by the window. She doesn’t eat with the PEASANTS, thank you, and will wander along later to eat some leftovers when the crowd has dispersed.

Dexter, getting thlurrrpy.

Bethel also.

And also Calais. It’s like they know it’s Thlurrrpsday!

Bethel likes to multi-task: thlurrrping AND the Ears of Annoyance!

Otis with attitude. I know his nose looks dirtyish here, but it’s actually not. All I can guess is that because the fur there is thin, it photographs darker for some reason. I don’t know – alls I know is that he’s stopped getting food all over his face at every meal.

I had Arundel perfectly framed in a picture and then she moved, so here. Admire her tail.

KennyBorkBorkMoop from above.


Stefan update: last weekend we were pretty sure we were on the verge of saying goodbye to Stefan. He had a couple of not-great* days, and we thought it was nearly time. Then Monday and Tuesday were really good days, but yesterday was much less good.

We still don’t know if he’s going to pull out of this. We have another couple of weeks before we can rerun the blood tests and see if there’s been any improvement. He’s not fighting being syringe-fed by Fred, and Fred is getting enough food into him to at least maintain his (too thin) weight, so we’re still in wait-and-see-and-hope mode.

*I’m using “not-great” as a descriptor because “bad” isn’t what they were. He’s not in pain and I feel like “bad” would make y’all think that. On not-great days he just doesn’t do… anything. He sleeps very hard, doesn’t move around, won’t eat crunchies that we offer him. Just not what we want to see – he’s never been a high-energy cat, of course, but the way he’s been these past few weeks is beyond low-energy.


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  1. I think, given the plethora of nicknames that Moop has, it’s going to be VERY difficult for anyone other than you and Fred to remember them all, so my suggestion is that you consider adding him to the permanent residents list. (serious head nod)

  2. Stefan sweetheart – there is much love, prayers and purrs coming from up north. Please pull out of whatever this is. Love ya always

  3. Tell KennyBorkBorkMoop’s adopters (if they have other cats) that SureFeed makes a wonderful microchip feeder that opens up to the chips/cats that you program in. He can have his own dish so that the others don’t push him out snarf up all the food. I actually have one for each cat (yeah, that is pricier but…) so that I know who is and isn’t eating. I can catch medical issues faster. I can feed my older renal food (we all know that is $$$$ – or special food for a diabetic) and the other three don’t eat it. Etc. I would have known Lola wasn’t eating sooner than realizing via weight loss (I lost her to cancer). So if anyone has these needs, check out:

    You can get a stainless steel bowl here:

    The feeder is $10 cheaper on Amazon.

    Stefan – We all have our “not-so-good” days. Hang in there…he is just recharging his battery for the good ones until he can throw this thing! Sending love and prayers!!!!

    • I also recommend the SureFeed feeders. I have two cats, one who is 9 and needs to lose weight and can only eat wet food, and one who is 17 and has renal issues and needs to eat only dry low protein food, and neither of them should eat the other’s food. Those feeders are GREAT!!

    • I so need one of these, although my diabetic cat gets Fancy Feast pate instead of prescription food — would you believe that there’s not a lick of grain in the stuff, it’s all protein, and for one-third the price?

      • So glad you said that, WI. I’ve been feeling guilty because Dash and Zephyr prefer FF over the far more expensive Halo and BFF, so I figured it must be junk food. How’s THAT for some anthropomeowrphism?

      • My VET actually told me to feed The Fat One the FF classic pate (none of the fancy gravy or shreds or whatever, just plain pate). Can’t get much cheaper than 54 cents/can at WalMart either.

    • Just one caveat – while the SureFeed feeder does prevent other cats from getting access when the lid is closed, it does NOT prevent the greedy cat from pushing in next to the slow-eating cat and scarfing up part of the food (at least not if the slow-eating cat is smaller and not protective of his food). That being said, it’s great for generally making sure that no one stops eating without your noticing it.

      • YES, that is SO TRUE! The Fat One sneaks in sometimes and pushes the old one out of the way and I have to push her out of the dish and stand guard till the old one eats her fill and the lid shuts.

  4. Aw Stefan, you need to snap out of this, dude! Not only are you worrying your Mom and Dad, but your fans as well. Besides, you have a bunch of kittens waiting to meet their Uncle Stefan.

    Why have I never noticed Bethel’s fabulous eyeliner?

  5. Some unsolicited advise about Stephan (sorry): I read an article recently about stem cell procedures working well with some cat health issues where there is really not much else that can help. I don’t know if this would help at all, but it wouldn’t hurt to do some research online and ask the Vet about it. Here’s the article I saw but there are lots of others:


    I hope Stephan rallies and gets better. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for him.


  6. I’m so glad that Stefan continues to rally, at times. I’ve been worried. I too have a big skinny buff boy kitty (Clawdius Maximus) and it huts my heart to think that Stefan is ailing. I’m glad he’s letting you hand feed him and that he’s comfortable. I did snort at the comment “he’s never been a high-energy cat, of course.” That’s the understatement of the year. I remember the picture of Stefan asleep half in/half out of a cat cubby. Give him pets and love from all his fans. We’ll keep hoping he has the curable disease. And that he continues to earn many many points.

  7. Yay for Otis figuring out the food thing!
    Boo for Stefan having only 4 points. However, we all have our good and “not so good” days. Hang in there buddy!

  8. I know you don’t need advice. Nor want it. But try a painkiller for him. Maybe it will help him get over this hump. Now don’t be mad! I really helped my old boys in their last couple years. Arthritis led to pain which led to less eating and drinking which led to kidney issues which led in a vicious cycle

  9. Every time I check the FB page, I hold my breath.

    When I see those silly kitten monkeys and not a post from Fred w a pic of Stefan, I breathe a sigh of relief.

    • Ditto, yes!!
      Thanks for the update. And of course floofy nutty kittens and tails.