8-8-18 Wednesday

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Sleepy little Otismallow.

Bethel, ready to pounce.

Have I mentioned that they love that bed so very much?

Arundel would like a snuggle, if y’don’t mind.

Bethel and those amazing eyes.

Yes, Calais, your eyes are pretty too!

Millinocket shows off her two white whiskers.

KennyBorkBorkMoop from above.

I think Dexter’s a little hiiiigh.

Eliot and those tiny teef.

Moop has a think.

“Tryin’ to SLEEP here, lady!” Sorry, Buxton.


“Can’t a girl get her ‘nip on without you CONSTANTLY taking her picture?!”

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8-8-18 Wednesday — 7 Comments

  1. Today in history: the post from 2016 – Uncle Stefan visiting with the Evergreens. Great fun between the kittens’ hero-worshipping and their stranger-danger floof suits.

  2. Alice needs an intervention.

    Not only does Bethel have gorgeous eyes, but the ornj bronzer on her cheeks is pretty nice too…