1-2-23 Monday

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I got a few more holiday cards over the weekend! You can see them at Flickr here, or scroll through them below.

2022 Holiday Cards Received

I swear, y’all send the BEST cards – thank you so much for them!


Francesca’s just chillin’ in her pile o’ beds.

‘Til Nacho kicked her out!

Kim has a Churu moment.

A couple of outtakes from when I was trying to get Kim’s “Happy New Year” pic (see the final pic in the media section below.)

She approved of the Churu addition to the ‘niptini.

She was just in the middle of laying down, but she looks like she celebrated too hard.

(We had a very quiet New Year’s Eve; most of the neighbors behaved themselves, and I was asleep by just after midnight!)


Cinnaspin the little poser. Those EYES.

Linzer was a little less sure about posing for a picture, but this works!

Linny hanging out under the scratcher.

And giving me the teenage attitude. “ANOTHER picture, lady?”

Cinna finds that fish taco toy tasty. A potential future taco truck employee, maybe?


Archie’s enjoying the sun and warm weather. No complaints!


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Linny goes for a post-breakfast stretch; Cinna just wants me to pet her and tell her how pretty she is (of course I did, as soon as I took that picture. I’m not a MONSTER.)

Nacho’s all “I’m here to guard your fine artwork, lady. Anyone else tries to touch this picture, I’ll give ’em the ol’ smackeroo.”

YouTube link
I’m tossing toys for the girls (who aren’t really all that interested), and Kim the catnip fiend is getting hiiiigh.

Cinna (left) and Linny are all “Excuse you, lady, you weren’t invited to this meeting.”

YouTube link
Cinna (the torbie) and Linny (the snowshoe) have a purrrr. The first couple of clips in this video are from when they first joined us nearly 2 weeks ago, so they look a little bit rough. They’re fine now, and doing great!

Good night innernets. (Kim Wexler, who doesn’t look particularly sleepy.)

Well, well, well. I guess we have another generation of green bean fans! (Saul took his green bean PLUS some replacements with him, but we had a few in reserve.) You better believe Linny’s sitting back there scheming how to steal that green bean away from Cinna.⁠

I mean, is it ever NOT Churu time? (Francesca’s got the crazy eyes, Nacho’s got the grabby paws. They’re a good team!)

Please ‘nip responsibly, Nacho.

I really don’t think these two are going to make it to midnight to see the new year in. Good night, innernets. (Cinna and Linny)

Happy New Year!

Things are quiet at the fish taco truck this morning; Kim isn’t complaining, though.

YouTube link
We had 28 fosters this year, and here’s each and every one of them. (This is the first year I’ve done video clips of each foster; I already have ideas how to improve it for next year. Top of the list: let’s not wait until December 31st to come up with this brilliant idea and start digging frantically for video clips to use, ROBYN.)

Linny is turning into such a snuggly girl!

YouTube link
Hanging out with the Cookie Girls – torbie Cinna and snowshoe Linny – pointing out their tail lights, petting them, and just basically admiring just how cute they are.

Cinna has such pretty markings, doesn’t she? (Linny was across the room playing.)

Good night innernets. (Kim and Nacho)


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