1-2-20 Thursday

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In case you missed it on social media or at the very bottom of yesterday’s post…

Henri was adopted on New Year’s Eve! Not only was he adopted, he was adopted by the family who adopted Almanzo (now Cooper) back in June. Turns out Cooper’s big kitty sister Madison didn’t want anything to do with any ol’ KITTEN, so Cooper needed a friend. Amanda asked my opinion, I told her I thought Henri would be the perfect fit (he’s never met another cat he didn’t like), and we made plans to meet at Petsmart. The meeting went well, and it wasn’t long before the family was on their way home with Henri. So far, things are going great – you can follow along on Instagram and/or on Facebook!

Henri’s name will remain Henri – pronounced “Hen-ree.”

This, of course, leaves Gabrielle and Josephine available for adoption. There have been a lot of adoptions this past week, so hopefully their time is coming soon.

By the way, this makes the third of this litter who was adopted to be a friend to a young cat so that an older cat would be left in peace. I know it’s going great with Reggie (formerly Luc), I haven’t heard how Fleur is doing, and so far it’s going great with Henri. How cool is that?


I’ve scanned all the holiday cards I’ve received thus far, and you can see them over at Flickr, or scroll through them below. I changed the way the album is arranged so that the newer cards are at the beginning, so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the end.

2019 Holiday Cards Received


I found a couple of outtakes from the Christmas pictures I posted last week that are just too cute.

Gabrielle in a rare closed-mouth moment.

Henri checkin’ out the lights.

After Henri went home Tuesday evening, I stayed in the cat room and played with Gabrielle and Josephine until the store closed. They were happy enough to let me snuggle them, but they mostly wanted to play.

Gabrielle smiles.

Josephine took a swing.

Is it POSSIBLE there was a feather teaser up there, you think?


Frankie and Jake, watchin’ for squirrels.


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  1. Those are hardly outtakes, they’re still 50 times better than any “intakes” I’ve ever taken of just one 10-year old chubby orange tabby who doesn’t move very quickly…

    Speaking of handsome orange tabbies…Frankie looks magnificent hanging out next to his equally dreamy big brother Jake. They look like they’re starring in an Adele video (“Hello from the other side, I must’ve called Earl the Skwerl a thousand times…”).

    • Isn’t #88 you?

      I just realized that that card wasn’t filed in the Flickr album. Either I messed it up, or Flickr did. Now I’m going to go double check that all the cards are in the album as they should be!