1-2-18 Tuesday

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We have an update!

Three years ago, we welcomed two adorable Alabama-born, Crooked Acres-loved failed to be feral boys into our home. Jethro Tull and Thunderclap Newman (TC) immediately made themselves at home.

Both boys grew and grew and grew – both topping 20 lbs. Along the way, we’ve had to make a few adjustments. For example, we never, ever leave toilet paper on the dispenser. TC has a hidden sense of its presence and attacks! If we put toilet paper out for guests and don’t retrieve it and hide it soon enough or leave the cupboard door open, this is the result:

(TC is notoriously camera shy and takes off as soon as he sees me attempting a photo.)

And Jethro seems to semi long for the old days in the wild. Once I bring ferns in for the winter, his inner feral appears and I’ve given up on having anything other than flattened plants:

Both are awesome snoopervisers. TC joins Paz every morning and evening to be sure teeth brushing and face washing are done correctly. And Jethro is a great sous chef!

While both Jethro and TC hang with and love their fellow residents, they LOVE each other and spend a limited amount of time apart. Three years ago, Jethro and TC moved not only into our home but deep into our hearts. More loving and intelligent boys would be hard to find. Gentle Giant TC loves to have his belly rubbed and has a purr that rattles the windows! Jethro has decided he’s a lap cat and will often reward the unprepared with a—oomph—20lb leap that leaves one literally breathless. Thank you, Robyn and Fred, for providing these sweet and special boys with their first loving home!

Thank you so much for the great update, Bonnie. Please give those boys kisses from all of us!

You guys can also see Jethro and TC and their siblings (and sometimes humans!) over at Instagram, here.


I have pictures of more familiar faces that I’ll share in tomorrow and Thursday’s posts, too. If you’ve adopted one of our fosters and would like to share an update with us, we would LOVE to see their sweet faces. My email’s in the sidebar, and rest assured that we never ever get tired of seeing the sweet, happy faces of former fosters.


I checked the PO Box on Friday, and there were a ton more cards waiting for me! I got them all scanned yesterday, and you can scroll through them below.

2017 Holiday Cards Received

Or you can see the whole album here, over at Flickr.

Thank you, everyone who sent cards. You always send the BEST cards, and I love reading the yearly letters some of you include. I’ll be sure to scan and upload any other cards I get – I intend to visit the post office in Athens once a week or so until mid-March, which is when I’ll likely open a box at a closer post office, and close the old box. (I’m waiting ’til mid-March because that’s when the box is up for renewal.)


Isn’t it nice of us to buy recliners for the cats? I honestly don’t know the last time I sat in either of those recliners, they’re always occupied.

Khal, keeping a wary eye on me. In the background, in the pink bed, you can see Maxi.

Went to Bath and Body Works, got an angry Archie. I have to say, I got a pretty good deal on him.


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1-2-18 Tuesday — 22 Comments

  1. Wow TC and Jethro are big beautiful boys!! And yes, keep the foster updates coming!

    Everyone stay warm today! And if I could get some L&H good thoughts for my outdoor kitty, Stalker, I’d appreciate it. I haven’t seen her since the evening of the 28th (when I checked on her in her heated house on my porch), and I’m really worried. She never wanders more than two houses away or stays gone this long. 🙁

    • Oh my, sending all kinds of good thoughts your way. Don’t know about your location but here in northern Illinois we were -8 last night. My husband and I were just talking about all the strays and homeless people just trying to survive the night. I hope she shows up today.

      • Thank you! Yes it’s in the teens here, which is another reason I’m so worried. I always bring her inside and let her hang in my basement (so my 4 indoor cats won’t harass her) when it’s this cold.

    • Ask your neighbors….someone may have seen her and brought/coaxed her inside out of kindness.

    • Update! Stalker came up about 2 hours ago but a dang city truck grinding a tree stump three doors down scared her off before I could grab her. Fingers crossed that she comes back before nightfall and I can get her inside! I have bowls of food out there now.

      • I’m glad she showed up – hopefully she shows up again, keeping my fingers crossed and sending warm thoughts your way!!!

  2. Please everybody, don’t forget to snip the handles of your shopping bags before putting them on the floor for the cats. It might be funny the first time you see your cat go tearing around the house trying to get the plastic bag off but it’s horrifying for the cat and would be traumatic for you to find the cat tangled and suffocating in the bag.

  3. Love the update Bonnie, thanks so much for sharing! I love when my two, Merry and Pippin, curl up together to sleep like that, it is just the cutest. And for them to still be doing it 6 years later is the best.

    I’ve got the permi cat’s calendar at work in my office and the foster’s one on my pantry door at home. Just love ’em.

  4. Love seeing the boys, both so big and healthy. Love that pic of them looking out the window, seemingly joined at the hip.

    I wouldn’t mind an angry Archie.

  5. What a wonderful story and pics from Bonnie! I adopted a black and white kitty and a black kitty last week 🙂 I hope that Billy and Bear bond to each other like Jethro and TC!!

  6. How wonderful to get an update on those 2 boys! They certainly have grown into very handsome and distinguished gentlemen.

    And speaking of handsome and distinguished…Khal Drogo is totally swoon worthy.

    (You know, I was thinking just the other day how awesome a cat mom I am to have bought a super-expensive hand-woven blanket from Scotland just for Malcolm to recline his patooty on. Never mind the beds and other sleeping spots. Did I mention super-duper expensive?)

    • You really ARE an awesome cat mom! (And, I mean, of course it was expensive. Malcolm’s not going to sully his behind on the CHEAP stuff, you know! 😉 )

  7. Bonnie-the pictures are awesome-I especially love the one where they are sleeping entwined. Our lovely cats that are no longer with us used to sleep like that-it was so sweet.

    I also laughed at your comment “both boys grew, and grew and grew…”. We adopted a golden retriever puppy last June-as soon as he got here he started doubling his weight almost every week. I felt like we had a version of Clifford The Big Red Dog! Luckily he slowed down, but he is only going on 8 months, but weighs 80 lbs! I can’t believe he was such a small peanut not that many months ago!