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I scanned some more holiday cards that I received (scanned them on… Monday, I think?), and you can see all of them over at Flickr, here.

Thank you so much, everyone who sent a card. I loved opening them and reading them, and seeing the cards you chose (or created!)

The odd thing is that y’all seem to think I like cats or something. What’s THAT all about?


Sopranos collages are still going on – today’s first kitten collage is Melfi.

Annnnnd Paulie Walnuts!


I’m glad you guys enjoyed the “year in review” post from yesterday. I enjoyed writing it! The thing that surprised me the most – because I’d forgotten – was just how many times Kennebec (Lunk) ended up coming back here. First he came back with Mercury when he was returned, and then he came back for a day and a half while they painted the cat room at Petsmart, and THEN he came back because he’d done something to his eye.

In retrospect, I’m as surprised as some of you that he didn’t end up staying here! He certainly gave it the ol’ college try, didn’t he?


Tricki, keeping an eye on John Smith…

..who’s keeping an eye on the feather teaser.

“Who, ME?”

Toto, also keeping an eye on the feather teaser, and working on his balancing skills.


He certainly looks serious when I’m waving that thing around, doesn’t he?

Pretty boy in the sun.

“::THLURRRP::, I say!”

When I was working on the page for Bunnie, John Smith, Toto and Tricki (which was FAR overdue; they’ve been here for over two weeks now!), I was very surprised to find that Bunnie and John Smith are actually three weeks YOUNGER than Toto and Tricki. I never would have guessed that! Toto and Tricki are so much smaller than Bunnie and John Smith!

“WE are sleek and slinky, and THEY are big and fluffy!”

Pretty, pretty Tricki.


If Fred and I are standing somewhere talking about something and we get loud (even if it’s just because we’re both laughing about something), Miz Poo will run over to us and scold us (by howling and howling) us until one of us picks her up. Maybe she was a librarian in a previous life.


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  1. In yesterday’s year in review, that kissing Starks picture? That’s Arya and Hodor, not Arya and Brandon.

    Happy new year!!

  2. Dang, Tricki is so gorgeous and then she has those copper penny eyes? So like my sweet Penny-lover, I still miss that kitty!

    Paulie was and still is such a scamp! Kind of surprised to see the collage of Melfi, she certainly had her Garbo periods where she didn’t want her picture taken, she’d rather be cuddled.

    • I know, there were a LOT fewer pictures of Melfi than her siblings, because she was always sitting in my lap. I need to make a point of taking more pictures of the lap-sitters in the future!

  3. I just read Miz Poo’s bio. Poo as a kitten…OMG – I don’t know how she survived. I would have squeezed the stuffing out of that little cutie.

  4. My Amber does something similar to Miz Poo – there are no conversations allowed to go on for very long before she interjects herself – we think she is just an attention whore πŸ™‚

  5. Robyn-I’m sure you’ve mentioned but I am honestly too lazy to look today. What program do you use for the collages of the kitties?

  6. Your clip about Miz Poo reminded me of the Siamese cat we had many years ago. If my sister and I got too rowdy, he’d get in the middle of the commotion and nip one of us. We learned quickly to stop because he wouldn’t leave until we quieted down!

  7. My calico Ladybug used to do the same thing as Miz Poo !! She would even come up to my face (if I was sitting down)and lightly bite my chin !! Maybe it is a calico thing !1

  8. I would have to kiss Miz Poo’s nose a lot…even if it resulted in a sneeze on me!

    And yay for Paulie’s adoption today!!!

  9. THIS librarian definitely would not approve of people attempting to pick me up when I shush them! (Although I’m not nearly as cute as Miz Poo…)

  10. My Henry used to do what Miz Poo does; we would just be sitting around talking, and he would go “Hey! I’m a part of this conversation too!” Except to us it sounded only like “meow meow meeeooowww!”