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Thank you, everyone, for your sweet comments yesterday. I appreciated them (and you!) more than you can know.

It took me the better part of a week to get that post put together. Last year I said I was going to sit down at the end of each month and update a post for that month, so that at the end of the year I’d just have to do December and I’d be done. That didn’t even come close to happening. But it was nice to relive the year as I was writing this post – there were things that surprised me – I had forgotten about our “down time” when Polo was our only foster. For some reason, I had remembered having Catelyn with the rest of the Grocers, all along, when that wasn’t the case! And I loved seeing all my favorite pictures again, too. It was work, but it was fun work putting that post together, and I’m glad y’all enjoyed it.


I scanned the rest of the cards that I’ve received so far, and posted them over at Flickr. Check ’em out!


I was copied on an email sent yesterday to Susan.

Hello Miz Susan!

We is very happy here at 5010. None of our brudders or sisters even hissed at us…not even once! Thank you for sending us to Oregon! Our humans love us very much.

Jethro Tull and Thunderclap Newman (TC)

And Marc sent an email with “stress issues” as the subject. I thought “Uh oh!” but then actually opened it…

The only stress related issue here is TC wondering when HE gets to be “King of the Hill.”

Us is vewy stwessed!

I am so blown away at how well the integration has gone – those boys apparently knew right away that they were home. And I know they must love that they don’t have to go more than a few feet to find a human or tuxie to snuggle with!


We received a gift from Kirsten – Norbie’s mom – this year. Peacock feathers, a dozen of them! She said that Norbie and his older siblings LOVE to play with them, and thought our cats (and fosters) would, too.

So of course I took a feather up to the foster room to see what the kittens thought.

“Lady, what is that? That looks AWESOME!”

I love Stevie’s splayed whiskers and that determined look on her face.

“Oh my, yes. This smells FABULOUS!”

I can’t get over Molly’s tail – I think it tripled in length, overnight.

Pat has more than a little resemblance to TonyRocky Horror Pickle, I think.

Isn’t that feather pretty? I don’t know that I’d ever seen one up close before. Also, look at Molly with her mile-long tail, straight up in the air.

“This feather make me feel CRAYZEE.”

Lita, shouting instructions and encouragement. “Higher! Grab it higher! You can do it! Kick its butt!”

“I gots toes.”

Lizzy and Pat spend a lot of time play-fighting these days. They’re buddies!

Pretty pretty pretty girl.

Pat’s got the crazy eyes going on back there and it’s cracking me up. Here, let’s see those eyes up close, shall we?

Silly girl.

I have a short video, too. The day I took those pictures up there, I also shot some short videos because Stevie had something to SAY. She’s got the sweetest little voice.

YouTube link.


Sugarbutt likes to hang out atop the pantry, when Stinkerbelle is in her other home, the bed over the sink. (Stinkerbelle has a lot of beds up there, you should know.)

He also likes to dangle his legs over the edge and make me nervous. Don’t go falling, Sugarbutt – there’s no trash can for you to land in!

Speaking of, Fred made it so that Sugarbutt shouldn’t be able to fall out of the bed into the trash can again; he put a board across to hold the front of the bed up. I mean, I wouldn’t put it past Sugarbutt to still figure out a way to go sliding over that board, but it won’t be easy!


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  1. Peacock feathers have always been a hit with my cats! The current batch has all been shredded though so time to head back to Michaels…

  2. Ha! Stevie sounds just like my 8 year old alpha cat, Philo, who has the sweetest, least bossy voice imaginable and who trills to the other cats.

    Molly has a happy tail! And Pat has wackadoodle eyes.

  3. So glad they had fun with the feathers! It’s the best to watch my older cats with them-they go bonkers and act like kittens.