1-2-19 Wednesday

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Look at this beautiful tuxie boy. That, of course, is Norbie. Don’t you just want to kiss him?

Kirsten says: This handsome boy says Happy New Year! His greatest achievement for 2018 was catching a mouse. Unfortunately he could not deliver the killing blow and mom had to deal with the after math.

One thing I don’t miss about Crooked Acres: having to deal with all the injured and half-dead mice the cats caught!

(Thanks, Kirsten!)


These are the last of the pictures I took of Ryder’s Fleet before some of them went off to be adopted and others headed to Petsmart. HOWEVER, on Monday night I cleaned at the Petsmart where Clutch, Cam and Pulley AND Ryder are staying, so I got pictures of them (and the other residents of the cat room) which I will share in tomorrow’s post. (They’re doing perfectly fine, just ran around and played and were annoyed when I snatched them up for snuggles. If they were whiny and clingy, it would have been harder to leave them, but they acted like they hardly knew me. Brats.)

Clutch watchin’ birds, and LoJack coming up to see what’s going on.

Cam was fascinated by the knobs on the interior shutters, and spent a lot of time examining them.

“They’re interestin’!”

Flying Pulley.

More flying, while Cam and Clutch watch.

Fender was all “GIMME that!”

Watching the feather teaser.

Fender has a think.

Sweet Cam.

Cam and Clutch (and Pulley’s tail.)

Last shot of Axle atop the Hot Cocoa Cafe. Two days before the adoption event, the kittens ripped the little roof off the Cafe, and no matter what I did they wouldn’t leave it alone (and it wouldn’t stay because they’d bitten the tabs off the roof), so now it’s been recycled (except for the scratching pad, which I put in the living room for Jake to use). I’m honestly surprised that thing lasted as long as it did.


Alice Mo enjoys a little sunshine, yo.

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1-2-19 Wednesday — 6 Comments

    • Agree completely. And the aftermath (bwa ha ha) from mama Khaleesi on 5-8-13 was hilarious: ‘“…three…four…five. Okay, there really ARE five. No matter how many times I count. It’s just… I don’t remember HAVING five. I only remember four. Maybe this is what they mean when they say you forget the pain of childbirth.”‘

    • For me, too — I love that a mama was there for Norbie- even if Khalessi was a little confused about where #5 came from!

  1. I have a Hot Cocoa Café in my living room. One of my girls, Bunny, loved it, I mean absolutely adored it, for about the first two days it was there and hasn’t touched it since.