1-17-23 Tuesday

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Oh, that Cinnaspin.

And oh, that Linzer.

Such a couple of sweet, sweet girls.

To answer the question: yes, they are a bonded pair, and yes they will have to be adopted together. I will say that I think Linzer is more bonded to Cinnaspin than vice versa – I often hear Linzer calling for Cinnaspin (who is usually curled up somewhere asleep) and then joining her, but they are definitely very good friends and spend a lot of time playing together and curling up to sleep.

Still haven’t heard anything about a spay date for them yet, so I’m not sure when Forgotten Felines will start accepting applications for them (they usually wait until we have a set spay/neuter date before taking apps.) I’ll let y’all know when I hear something!


Charlie’s feelin’ grumpy.


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The taco truck is ready for business – fish tacos for breakfast? Yes, please! (Cinnaspin)

A closer shot of Linzer, so you can admire her beautiful eyes (and face!)

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A brief meeting with Uncle Archie. Linzer seems intrigued, Cinnaspin watches from a distance, and Uncle Archie pretty immediately wants out of this whole situation (kittens can be scary.)

A girl (Linzer) and her green bean. 💚

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It takes a special kind of nerve to start a fight with your sister and then complain when she gets the upper paw, am I right?

Good night innernets. (Cinnaspin & Linzer)


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